travel insurance

It is recommended that you take out travel insurance before traveling abroad.
Travel insurance should cover:

cancellation fees,
related medical costs as well as a possible emergency evacuation.

Medical costs abroad can be astronomical compared to your home country. In some instances medical treatment can be withheld if a person has no proof of funds or travel insurance.

Did you know that HMO's, PPO's and Medicare typically do not cover you abroad?

Travel insurance (which encompasses both cancellation and medical insurance) is very important and we can not stress that enough. We have specific cruise policies, as regular cancellation policies have a tendency to overlook key issues relating to cruises.

We also offer policies that can be upgraded to include a 'cancel for any reason' clause. This upgraded policy has been very highly recommended

What does travel insurance cover?
Trip cancellations Reimburses your trip costs if you cancel for a covered reason, such as a job loss, a sick child, or a hurricane. 
Trip interruptions Reimburses your unused trip costs and unplanned expenses (new airfare, transportation, etc.) if you have to end your trip and return home for a covered reason, such as a family member being injured or weather damage to your home. 
Travel delays Reimburses you for unexpected costs (lodging, meals, etc.) when your trip is delayed for a covered reason, such as a traffic accident, a union strike, or a severe weather delay. 
Missed connections Reimburses you for unexpected costs (such as alternative transportation or flight changes) due to missed connections, such as those caused by mechanical problems, inclement weather, or involuntary bumping. 
Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage Reimburses you replacement value up to plan limits for your personal items and your bags, even if they are lost, stolen, or destroyed after your flight. 
Baggage delays Reimburses you for unexpected costs (such as a change in clothing or personal essentials) due to baggage delays. 
Medical care Provides medical coverage if you are injured or ill on your trip, including transportation, tests, treatments, medicines and more. 
Pre-existing conditions An exclusion waiver that allows medical coverage for pre-existing conditions. 
Emergency Evacuations Coordinates and pays for emergency evacuations if you cannot reach a medical facility on your own. This coverage also gets you back home. 
Repatriation of remains Coordinates and pays for repatriation in the event you or a traveling companion dies on your trip. 
Car rental coverage Provides protection for the cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company. 
Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) Pays an indemnity (up to the policy limit) for the loss of life or functioning limbs to you or your beneficiary(ies) in the event of an accident while traveling. 
Flight accident Provides a lump sum benefit (up to the policy limit) if loss of life or limb occurs while boarding, traveling in, or disembarking from an airplane during a covered trip 
Assistance services Multi-lingual operators stand by to help insured travelers locate nearby medical care, arrange emergency transportation, handle payments, arrange alternative flights, and more. Concierge services, business assistance services, and roadside assistance services are included in some plans as well. 
Lots of other things Other travel insurance coverages include protection against all kinds of travel-related concerns. You can purchase optional riders for special concerns you have for your trip that are not covered under the plan, such as injuries due to adventure activities, lost sports equipment, risk of identity theft, stolen passports, and more


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