Glatt Kosher Summer In Dresden

Hilton Dresden
The Hilton Hotelis located on the prestigious pedestrian street near the river. The Hilton offers 350 luxurious rooms and Royal suites, a lobby with a huge seating space, a large synagogue, tastefully decorated dining rooms, a swimming pool, gym and Jacuzzi, sauna,  and spa offering health treatments, and wireless internet. A short distance from the hotel you can enjoy a 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, bowling alley, pool games, water skiing and indoor skiing.

Our Jewish Cuisine Glatt Kosher, gourmet cuisine, created by international chefs, with an elaborate breakfast and dinner spread.
Full board on Saturday.
The rich buffet includes meat, fish, soups, salads and some truly amazing desserts such as cakes, jams and delicacies.

 Kashrut: Glatt Kosher under the supervision of Harav Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni, Shlita.

Hilton Rooms
Amazing suites and comfortable rooms await your coming here at the Hilton Dresden hotel. Relax, freshen up for a trip, prepare for your daily activities, and marvel at the view outside. Rooms include:
Phone * Air conditioning * TV * Bathroom * safe * minibar

Free food and drinks
Shainfeld’s famous Irish Lounge offers a free buffet during the day with amazing cakes, delicious snacks and fresh fruit. You can also get hot and cold drinks here. Every day you are invited to a free hour Happy Hour - a celebration of food and drink with homemade special cocktails. So whenever you have the crave for something tasty… simply enter the lounge and enjoy!
Always something fun to do
While on holiday you can enjoy Torah classes, Lectures, programs, Activities for kids, and some great performances of acclaimed singers: Ishai Lapidot, Gershon Freistat, Amiran Dvir, Avrami Rot, cantor Yossi Schwartz and Hezki Sofer.

Berlin - From Dresden you can easily travel to the exciting city of Berlin! Berlin offers a multitude of tourist attractions: The eastern and western part of town, the high TV tower observation, the new synagogue with the glass dome, a monument to Jews killed in the Holocaust, the Jewish Museum located on the river bank and many more.
Potsdam - This beautiful town is well known for its magnificent palaces, lively streets, decorated gates surrounding the Old City and green parks. Among the attractions in Potsdam: Dutch Quarter, Sansosi Palace and park, Gliniker Bridge, Venza Villa, Shopping centres.
Prague- Prague is considered one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Each visit it is an experience for the eyes and soul, and the first visit is always very exciting. Prague has one of the oldest Jewish centers in the world, and over the centuries it’s Jewish community evolved to become one of the largest in Europe. You can visit the Jewish Quarter, or the Jewish ghetto of Prague as it was called, the Spanish Synagogue, The old Synagogue, Prague’s City square with the famous astronomical clock, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and all the other main attractions this city has to offer.
SwissSaxony - Oneof the highlights of the place is Mestalla, a steep cliff forest of pillars built of stone and gray sandstone. The cliff faces the river Elbe, and offers a spectacular view toward Dresden, and eastward to the Czech border. The Elbe runs across picturesque villages with small river boats making their way along the river.
Dresden- The pastoral andpicturesque city of Dresden is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here you can enjoy pleasant weather, visit the famous Noble wall and the palace (only a short walk from the hotel), stroll down the green parks and gardens, go sailingon the RiverElbeand go shopping fora variety ofinternational brands.
For families and the young at heart: the giant zoo, transparent automobile factory, children’s museums, Belantis theme park, the Miniature town and the Babelsberg Film Park.
Babelsberg Film Park - An unusual and exciting place for children and adultswith great attractions.
Enjoy a live stunt showwith flaming cars and jumping stuntmen,  fascinating reconstructions of scenes from well-known movies and more.
Leipzig- the town of Johann Sebastian Bach, and other artists.
Weimar-where great writers and poets such as Goethe and Schiller lived and worked.
Meissen- one of the few cities in Germany that was bombed in World War II, and its historic sites survived.
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