Kashrus - Delicious Cuisine

your stay at the hotel includes: half-board, sandwiches, coffee & cake and a hot drinks bar all day long. Full board on Shabbat with splendid Kiddush, coffee & cake.

Glatt LeMehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padwa Shlita, Amsterdam.

As every year, we offers top quality gourmet cuisine with generous “Israeli” size portions in a European atmosphere.
A true culinary celebration with a staff of world-class chefs, cooks, and bakery specialists, will allow you to savor the special tastes of a rich menu, fit for a king, throughout your stay, with special emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of Kashrut, and uncompromising levels of excellence and service.
Every meal becomes a pleasurable event. Rich, attractive smorgasbords offering a wide range of dishes, buffets of delicious foods,and stylishly created deserts, Viennese bars with fruits, pastries and many other delicacies.

In the morning, the smell of freshly baked bread, cakes and the Belgium waffles thathave become a hallmark of Tour-Plus, will greet you from the moment you step out of the elevator on your way to enjoy an aesthetically served, typically European meal. A delightful way to begin a day.

A wide selection of fresh vegetables, cheeses and spreads, a generous salad-bar, cereals, warm dishes, and more. 

Guests are invited to prepare sandwiches from the morning’s offerings. The culinary celebration continues at dinner, with huge buffets offering a variety of outstanding meat and fish entrees, soups, side dishes and more. When you have free time, you are invited to stop by the hospitality corner of the hotel, where you can enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and baked goods and other treats throughout the day.

On ShabbatKodesh, you will enjoy a resplendent Kiddush and royal Shabbat feast aesthetically served, pleasing to the eye and the appetite, with the best dishes  of the traditional Jewish kitchen, “just like Mamma made”, in a genuinely Jewish atmosphere.