Crafts of Koshal

Shows recognised by whole world

Sambalpuri Saree:

Sambalpuri hand loom is having its original style of craft in Sambalpuri Bandha. Craftsman are creating Bandha 1 of Kumbha 2 , Matcha (fish) and Phula(Flower), traditionally, when they felt the demand of time gradually changed the craft into modern. Attracted by the paintings gradually they designed new types of Bandha such as portrait, landscape prints of women, human being, flower pods, animals e.g. Deer, Fish, Elephant, Swan Lion, Creeper, and Peacock.

Bandha- An art to create any design on cotton handloom Cloth by tye & dye method. Thread is Tied & than dyed with colour.
Kumbha- A type of traditional design on handloom cloth



It is an art form so universal in its scope, yet emblazoned with the distinct imprint of the native soil. Terracotta artifacts demand a very high degree of imagination, application and motivation. The polish on the final figure conceals an enormous volume of tireless toil, watchful attention and forbearance. The toys made of clay are used by the children in various festivals. Some of the toys are bullock carts, wheels, motor cars etc. The Dipa and Rukha are used to lightning in the famous festival of DIPAWALI. Also the Dias are used in various Temples.

Bhati- A furnace where pots are burn to harden
Dipa- Small clay pot with oil & cotton thread in it. Thread is lighted for sacred ceremony.
Rukha-Stand for the Dipa

Koshali women are reputed for their natural beauty. There body structure is taut and lissome. They have a shining skin. The ornaments which Koshali women wear are so designed as to accentuate their natural beauty.
  KOSHALI tribal women wear one type of necklace in their neck known as Khagla1 , a round shaped ornament made up of silver. In the upper part of the ear they use an ornament known as Jhalka2 and in the earlobe they wear one known as Gathia3. In the nose, an ornament known as Jharaguna finds place.

In the hair they wear Panpatri4, Belkhadi5, (a small stick used to clipSambalpuri woman in Ornaments
flowerbuds onto hair). They wear two types of ornaments in their hands known as Katria6and Bandria7. (In the arms they used to wear one type of ornament known as Tadla). In the legs they wear Painry8 or Tudal9. They wear rings in the fingers of legs and hands.

They also wear JanyiPhool10 and Karai Phool11. The cloth which local women wear is known as Kapta, that is same as Sambalpuri Saree but is shorter in height (less wide) and more thick.

Khagla - Necklace (Traditional necklace made up of silver).
Jhalkha- A type of Earing.
Ghantia-It is weared in lower ear.
Panpatri-Ornament to decorate the hair made up of silver and shape is of heart.
Belkhadi- (a small stick used to clip flowerbuds onto hair)
Kataria-Silver bangles with sharp edge.
Bandria- Silver bangles with spikes.
Painry- An ornament used to wear in the ankles.
Tudal- It is weared in ankles.
Janyiphool- a type of flower.
Karaiphool-a type of Wild Flower.