Atmospheric Environmental Variation

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We are studying about atmospheric environment, especially on atmospheric aerosol particles and relating gaseous species. We are interested in factors controlling their temporal and spatial variations, transformation processes, and developing new methods to measure gases and particles.

Major Research Topics: Atmospheric aerosol particles, Asian dusts, atmospheric deposition, 
    chemistry of precipitation and fog, New particle formation, Transformation of particles, 
    Phase partitioning of NH3

Observation sites: Nagoya, Mt. Tateyama and Norikura, Cape Hedo (Okinawa island), Hakui (Ishikawa), 
     Tottori, Umitaka-maru, Antarctica, and many more. 

For details, please contact by email: kosada at
Associate Professor
Global Environmental Variation
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Nagoya University
D2-1(510) Furo-cho Chikusa-ku
Nagoya 464-8601, Japan

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