Nine young Hungarian artists - whose work splits in different fields of visual art, - worked out a method of discussing and filtering their products, their creations of art and in the same time involving others to the systematic evolving of their "game". This means not more, but not less at all than speech, criticism - concerning to the art material.

The strict methods, the serious, arty-explanations would choke all freshness, - so we think it's better to do it our way.

 "Our way" means a forbearance of alien curators in the method of planning and selecting materials for the appearances. We believe in our thoughts. We would believe a familiarized alien's good idea as well. It draws a conclusion, while the world goes on the hard ways of difficulties, a narrowly explainable art for art-historians, - as well as the thin material of built-in pop, - we think the best chance to identify ourselves is to be clear. To be clear in selecting each others best by commenting it - while showing single objects of our stuff and discussing them together, choose out the most powerful pieces from the perpetual working processes and build a history in/out of a space. Mostly we deal with narrations of our culture and environment, - inner sites and outer spaces, human nature and artificial universe, - by using traditional dialects of art. While building-up an appearance (installing), leaving the objects to communicate with each other and not determinate them by a concept. The concept lies beneath, in the method of filtering, incarnated in the private thoughts and sense datas. Involving others would indicate the growth of 9side, by the resultant of the ebb and flow of the attendance.

 Csáky Donát Márk

 Korodi János

 Szabó Márton

 Szabó Ákos

 Szigeti András

 Kotormán Norbert

 Horváth Roland

 Fuchs Tamás

 Kovách Gergő