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If you want to download the songs(or files), right click the link of the song(or file) you want and click Save Target As.  If you just want to listen to  the song, click the link and the song will play in Quicktime in your internet browser shortly after loading has finished.  Click the link of the file to view it as well.                          If you are using firefox, just click the link and you'll get your choices of saving it or opening it.


DZK - Xenu Fights Back

Radiohead - Like Spinning Plates (reversed)

Virtual Barber Shop 

Changa Macaron(ogg)

Changa Macaron(mp3)

The Aquabats - Pizza Day 

The Aquabats - Sequence Erase 

Doom 1

Daft Punk: Da Funk

Spanish FleaRadiohead: Like Spinning Plates

Radiohead: Pyramid Song

Radiohead: Idioteque

Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place

Black Sabbath: War Pigs

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heavan

Cypress Hill: Insane in the Membrane 

Beastie Boys: Girls

Angry Office Man = ROFLCOPTER