Course No. KOS2007
Tues. & Thurs. 1:30-2:45
Xavier Hall, rm: 429

In this course, students will engage Korea’s rich cultural heritage and long history, garner an understanding of the field of Korean studies, gain a sense for the complexities of contemporary Korea, and learn the fundamentals of critical reading and expository writing. The course surveys important historical figures, cultural forces, and socio-economic developments on the Korean peninsula, as well as methods, sources, and authors in the field of Korean studies. Students will be tasked to find, organize, and critically evaluate both primary and secondary Korean studies materials to deepen their knowledge of Korea and become capable researchers. Please note that this course is designed for Global Korean Studies majors and will be challenging. Class will be conducted in English, and all writing assignments will be composed in English. However, advanced Korean skills (including a basic knowledge of Sino-Korean characters) will be required.