What job should I take?





What Job is MOST important?

What job should I take?

How do I prepare to find the job?

Where do you find the job?

The first thing you should think about is what are your strengths and weaknesses?


Your qualifications are not your only strength.  In many cases experience and higher education can be a weakness, depending on the job you are applying for.  If you don’t mind working outside of a large city is a strength.  If you don’t mind waiting for a job is a serious strength.  Don’t give in and take the first job that seems good, take your time and see what is available.  Use the chart on the previous table to help you decide what is the best job for you.


Choosing the best place is not always easy.

There are some sacrifices you must make for each school.

The beginner teacher can work at a better school, just give yourself time to find the right job, write a good resume and Stick to your most important objective.

Some hints:


If pay is your most important priority, don’t try for a university especially if you have little qualifications, many hogwons offer great salary and are open to negotiation.

If building a great teaching work experience is important avoid hogwons.

If working at a university is important, be patient, wait for the beginning of the semester and don’t expect to work in a large city.

Working at a public school is your goal, dont let location be a priority.