How do I prepare to find the job?



What Job is MOST important?

What job should I take?

How do I prepare to find the job?

Where do you find the job?

Resume writing is most important.  You must show your strengths for the job you are applying for.


  1. Photo is most important. 

·        Take a clear photo of yourself. 

·        If you are overweight or underweight just take a small photo or a face shot. 

·        If you are not Caucasian you may want to use black and white or a shot with you and some students.

·        Wear bright colors, Koreans are very attracted to this.

·        Don’t show any scars, blemishes, tattoos, piercings (earrings are ok for women), facial hair (this is important) or chest hair.

·        If applying for university, public middle/high schools or international schools dress sharp, if applying for hogwons or elementary schools dress more casual and easy going.

·        You may want to omit your photo on your initial application if you have dark skin, especially when applying to hogwons or public schools.  Koreans have a tendency to avoid dark skin out of fear of loosing students.


  1. Write an introductory letter.  State just the basics, YOUR STRENGHS and desire to teach.

·        State your name

·        State your Nationality (especially Canadian, and American)

·        State your sex (women teachers are more desired)

·        State your age (if you are older you may want to avoid this)

·        Remember this is Korea, it is not illegal to ask age and sex.

·        Your degree (Bachelor of Education is most popular).  It is a weakness to state that you have a Bachelor of Science it is better to say that you have a Bachelor.  Don’t make yourself over qualified for the job, it is a weakness to have a PhD or Masters and apply for simple job.  

·        Your experience.  Just say briefly that you have experience teaching weather it is just tutoring or at a school.  You can say your exact experience in the resume.  It is a weakness to say you have taught for more than 5 years (just say you have over 4 years experience is better – unless the job you are applying for demands it, ie university or international school)!

·        Your desire to come to Korea and work and experience the culture.

·        Your open minded and easygoing.

·        You will send all the required documents when asked.

·        Remember, many people looking over your resume may not speak English fluently, don’t write too complex.

·        When writing an introductory letter for a university or international school you should write more detailed and professional.


  1. Write your resume.  Keep it under a page.  Don’t go into too much detail.  Remember, questions are better to be asked during an interview.

·        State your name, nationality, age, email and contact number at the top.

·        Teaching experience with brief dates.  It is a weakness to mention labor jobs, it is better to talk more about teaching related work.  In Korean culture an educator is highly respected and should not have had physical related work.

·        Hobbies and interests are very important, it allows the person reading the resume to relate.  Koreans love sports like skiing, golf, swimming and soccer.  Korea hosted the world cup and is very keen on this sport.  Golf shows wealth and intelligence to Koreans (it is very expensive here).  Show that you are active and healthy!

·        Computer skills are great to show.  Koreans are really into anything with computers.

·        Travel experiences are great to have, let the reader know what countries you have been to.

·        Prepare an online resume with many pictures will also impress the employer.


  1. Scanned copy of your picture page of your passport, passport sized photos, scanned copy of your degree and transcripts.  (It is required to send originals by mail once contract is signed… except passport)


Some notes:  The picture and introductory letter will first be sent and posted.  It may sound simple but you will receive hundreds of emails if done correctly.  After first contact is made, you can send your resume and further information.