Although I love this film, I do not actively collect variant packaging for it. I do, however, have several nice variant pieces in my collection that are among my favorites, especially the German released steel book (see below) and the double disc Taiwanese version which I think - design wise - looks nicer than the Korean version... if only for the color choice. that are

Korean release

- Slipcase with insert, tri-fold digipack
- Subtitles in English - no subs on bonus disc.

Taiwanese release
- Slipcase with insert  tri-fold digipack.
      Almost identical to the Korean release except the Taiwan release has red tinted cover images, and the first and third inside panels have a different photos.
- Subtitles in English - no subs on bonus disc.

Japanese release
- Clam shell sleeve
- Japanese subtitles only.
- released as "BOISU" (The Voice)

German "Steel book" release
- Gorgeous double disc steel book edition that for some reason uses the Hong Kong cover art.
- Subtitles in German.

Pirate version (China)
- the one and only pirate DVD I have for this film.
- Gatefolf slipcase with ice textured paper.
- no clam shell sleeve. DVD fits into slit on the inside cover.

- Subtitles in English