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I found the following websites to be useful as I was conducting my research to create Beyond Kimchi:

http://www.maangchi.com/ - This is a great website for videos for making various Korean dishes.  The Home page features a list of six dishes or so that are the most popular on the website.  This would be a great place to start!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_cuisine#Prepared_dishes - Wikipedia is a good place to start finding general information about Korean cuisine.  There are also some helpful links provided at the bottom of each Wikipedia article.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Korea Tourism Association. Traditional Korean Food. May 2000. - This book provides beautiful photographs that really make your mouth water!  The recipes are also very traditional, and the various dishes are presented according to their region of origin.

http://www.woolaeoaksoho.com/index2.htm - Woo Lae Oak is a popular Korean restaurant based in Southern California.  Its menu provides a good mix of traditional and fusion Korean dishes.

http://www.chosungalbee.com/menu.htm - Chosun Galbee is another popular Korean restaurant that focuses on grilled meat dishes and soups/stews.  See its menu to get an idea of the wide variety of stews in Korean cuisine.

http://www.yongsusan.co.kr/en/menu-1/menu.htm - See YongSuSan's menu to get an idea of the dishes in Korean royal court cuisine.

Park, Kun-Young; Cheigh, Hong-Sik (2003). "Handbook of Vegetable Preservation and Processing". CRC Press. p. 189-222. - This book is useful for people who are particularly interested in kimchi.  It discusses everything from the history to the science of kimchi-making.

- This webpage gives a brief description of the many Korean vegetable side dishes.

- This website from the Official Seoul City Tourism group describes some of Korea's most famous and popular dishes for the tourist audience.

- This webpage gives a description of tteokbokki and its evolution over time.

- This webpage provides a detailed description of mul naengmyeon.

- This webpage describes the methods of preparation and types of tteok.

- This webpage describes various grilled meat dishes in Korean cooking.

http://www.trifood.com/maeuntang.html - This webpage gives a good description of maeuntang.

http://www.koreanrestaurantguide.com/health/health_gochu.htm -This webpage discusses gochujang - everything from the types to its health benefits.

Hepinstall, Hisoo Shin. Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen: A Cookbook. - This cookbook presents much more traditional, labor-intensive methods of cooking Korean food.  It is more appropriate for those who are more experience in the kitchen and want to create truly authentic Korean food.

Chung, Soon Young. Korean Cooking Made Easy. - This Korean cookbook is great for easy, simplified recipes for a variety of Korean dishes.  The emphasis is definitely on easy cooking.

Interesting Links:

http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fo-kimchi22-2009apr22,0,3891930.story - This article from the Los Angeles Times talks about the progress of kimchi-making and its current production method.

- This article discusses the uniquenes of kimbap when compared to sushi.

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/20/dining/20vege.html?ref=dining - This article from the New York Times discusses a Honduran chef's experience with making bibimbap.

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Grace Kim
19 May 2009