SG INET-003
						        23 Aug. 1991
							Hyun Je Park

Subject:  '91 Paccom Workshop Trip Report
Distribution : ANC, SG-INET, HANA/SDN


  1. Date/Place
	Date: 1991. 8.4 - 8. 7
	Place: Hayatt Regency Kauai, Hawaii

  2. Attendant (total: around 40)
	Australia: 5 (?)
	Fiji:	1
	Hong Kong: 1
	Japan: 7(?) (Japan Network Managers except NACCIS)
	Korea: 11 (KAIST 2, GSC 1, Postech 3, KT 2, SOLVIT MEDIA 1, ETRI 2) 
	New Zealand: 5? (Including Government representative)
	U.S.A.: 10 ? (including NASA-AMES, NSF)

		IEPG chair
		CCIRN delegates
		UNESCO Project manager from NZ(?)

II. Minutes (Partly)
  1. Korea Routing Issue
	Routing problems were discussed at the special session by NSF 
	and NSI(NASA Internet), and HANA/SDN network managers. The goal of
	this session was to solve the routing issues raised by the
	second leased line to US in the engineering standpoint. We
	requested to use the other leased line as a backup.

	Their fist suggestion was for us to guarantee that the internal
	traffics between Korean networks did not go through US.
	The second suggestion was to mimize the loop in Korea, since
	the loop may disrupt the routings in Internet. They asked the
	clear map and routing protocol which we will set up within a
	few months. 

	The conclusion of the discussions are as follows:
	(1) The connections of Korea Backbone was suggested by ETRI,
	    POSTECH, KAIST. It will be setup by Nov.

		NSI Backbone/Ames ------------- NSF Backbone
                         |                           |
			 |              	NSF SerfNet/SDSC
                         |                           |
                         |                           |
                         |                           |
                         | 56K/Cisco                 | 56K/Cisco
                         |                           |
                         |                           |
                   KAIST (Daeduk) ------------- SERI (Daeduk)
                         |          56K/Cisco        |
                         |                           |
                         |                           |
                         +--------- ETRI ------------+
			 56K/Cisco         56K/Cisco

		- HANA/SDN will be directly connected to NSI backbone
		  through Ames in California using Cisco router as
		  soon as HANA/SDN is ready.
		- All connections between HANA/SDN and Kreonet except
		  connections shown in the above diagram will be
		- The connections between KAIST, SERI and ETRI will be
		  connected via Cisco router. Only one router should
		  be used at each org. for those connections to avoid
		- It was suggested that the third leased line from
		  KREN connected to Ames backbone through Berkeley. A
		  delegator from Berkeley agreed to help KREN for the
	(2) Action Items
		- leave the current routing until reconfiguration
		- NSI/NSF tell the story to SDSC.
		  HANA/SDN tell the story to Kreonet.
		- Another meeting can be held if needed.
		- IEPG will review this configuration.
		- KREN is recommended to connect AMES through Berkeley.

  2. IP Address Management
	- NIC can give 20 unallocated addresses in principle.
	- NIC requested that a representative contacts NIC for address
	  allocation in Korea.

  3. Network Management Issue of PACCOM
	Internet requested that some information on the networks for
			name, phone, e-mail
		Hierarchy (org.)
			maps, network numbers, line databases, filters
			status report, 
			announcement of known or planned procedure

  4. How to connect internet

		item			time
	get net address			2 weeks
	connected status		3-4 days
	router configuration		1-2 days
	Routing request to MERIT(NSF)	1-2 days for US
		|			double for other countries
	MERIT configuration

  5. Berkeley Project
	Berkeley has a plan to set up networks among Asia and pacific
	countries for research and information sharing on language, 
	medical center, agriculture, library, et, etc. They are going to
	have a workshop with President of Pacific rim public
	university at April, 1992 at Seoul N. University. They have a
	plan to set up T1 connection between UCB and SNU, and
	demonstrate it at the workshop. 

  6. Relation with APEPG
	There was a suggestion that PACCOM be a representative for AP
	CCIRN as a APEPG, but it was refused, since PACCOM was working
	on the network operation rather than network planning.

	The characteristics of PACCOM is defined as engineering
	meeting on Pacific area to make and solve an engineering

      Most issues discussed at this meeting was engineering issues
      even though some planning issues were raised. USA, Australia,
      and NZ (partly Japan) have regarded PACCOM as a
      representative meetings of engineers from each countries.
      It was recommended that technical managers from KREN and KREONET
      as well as HANA/SDN attended the meeting to discuss the network 
      operation and management issues.