Kilnam Chon

Agenda of Seoul APCCIRN Meeting in 1993.5.31-6.1(Third Draft)

1. Welcome/Approval of Ageda			Chair

2. Minutes Honolulu Meeting			Secretariat	APCCIRN-021

3. Past Meeting Reports

   (a) CCIRN					Chair		APCCIRN-025
   (b) IEPG					Murai
   (c) ISOC(IETF, IESG, IAB, BoT)						

4. APCCIRN Document Update			Secretariat

   Country File							APCCIRN-005 
   Link Database						APCCIRN-007

5. Commercial Operations

   (a) General/Commercial Service Providers
	CIX(overview)				CIX		APCCIRN-026
	ANS					Guy Almes
	Sprint					Bob Collett
	others(Alternet, CERFnet, MFS, ATT)

   (b) Country Report on Commercial Operations
	Australia				G. Huston(?)
	Japan					J. Murai(?)
	Korea					M. Huh/I.K. Oh
	Malaysia				M. Lah(?)
	Singapore				T. Chen
	Taiwan					A. Liou
   (c) Issues
	Coordination among commercial operators
	Coordination between R&E community and commercial operators

6. Work Items

   (a) APNIC					Hirabaru
   (b) Internationalization
   (c) Developing Countries
   (d) Regional Conference
   (e) Organizational Issues
   (f) others

7. Next Meetings

   (a) APCCIRN					Chair
   (b) CCIRN					Chair
   (c) IEPG					Murai
   (d) IETF
   (e) INET					Ishida
   (f) UNESCO Workshop				Sequeira
   (g) JWCC					
   (h) PNC					Hardyck
   (i) others

8. AOB