Kilnam Chon

Description of Work Items

1. Line Database

Database on international links.  The database is maintained at APCCIRN
Secretariat.  This item is ongoing activity now.  The database will be in the 
APNIC database when it is set up.

The traffic analysis may be included in this category later.

2. Network Information Center (NIC)

APNIC development and maintenance will be the major issue here.  APNIC naturally
coordinates with INTERNIC and NIC in each country.  See the description on
APNIC and INTERNIC for further information.

3. Internationalization/Localization(I18N/L10N)

Local language support such as Chinese is the issue here.

4. Organization Issues

Various organization issues will be handled in this work item.  Examples are
the intercontinental link coordination  such as GIX, intracontinental link
coordination, relationship with Internet Society, Developing special interest
groups, and so on.

5. Funding/Charging

The models on funding and charging will be analyzed.

6. Conference

Conference and other meetings will be organized and supported.  A regional
conference on networking may be the major issue.  Others are support of 
national conferences and representation to existing conferences.

7. Developing Countries

Coordination including support of non-networked and less-networked countries.  

8. Networked Information

Coordination on information resources among the region.  Information tools may
be included here.

9. Commercial Operation

Commercial and general service provision is coordinated here.