The Internet in Korea is 40 years old in 2022. We are studying on the Korean Internet, in particular in the last century(1980~2000) with the following objectives;

     - Record what happened in the last century, and archive the relevant documents.

     - Analyze the collaboration in Korea as well as in the world.


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Yangwoo Ko, Hyunjoon Kwon, Kijoong Kim, Daeyoung Kim, Byunghak Kim, Jae Yeon Kim, Jeeyeon Kim, Jiho Kim, Changgon Kim, Hyun Nam, Dan Pyunsun, Hyoeun Mun, Yongjin Park, Taeha Park, Hyunje Park, Eunjung Son, Kwanho Song, Jaekyung Song, Myunggi Shin, Sunyong Yang, Seunghoon Yang, Ikkyun Oh, Seokchan Yun, Jongsu Yun, Youngeum Lee, Cheolsu Lee, Chaeho Lim, Eunghwi Chun, Sungkwon Jung, Yongwan Ju, Yanghee Choi, Woohyung Choi, Sunyoung Han, Woonjang Han, Yunhyung Han, Munhaeng Hur


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