The XVI Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research

Transdisciplinary Wildlife Management

Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland, May 30-June 3, 2016

The Group Photograph, June 2nd, 2016, photo: Aarno Niva, Luke


News in Finnish: Pohjois-Suomen uutiset 5.02-6.00

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To bring together scientists from different fields, managers and political decision-makers to focus upon:
  •  Key scientific themes of wildlife, human-wildlife interactions and contemporary management issues
  •  State-of-art research and management paradigms
  • Mechanisms how wildlife research interacts with managerial decision making and wildlife policy
Despite the emphasis on Nordic wildlife research, the Congress welcomes contributions from all around the world. 
Target participants:

The congress is a meeting for all those who are active in wildlife research and management, including those associated with government research institutions, such as universities and applied research institutes, and non-governmental organisations, as well as members of governmental and intergovernmental organisations. The congress invites participation in overviews, research results and syntheses covering such areas as wildlife ecology, transdisciplinary aspects of wildlife management, conflict resolution in wildlife conservation and management, adaptive management, cascading effects of management decisions, hunting, conservation action planning, conservation status assessments, sustainable use and monitoring. Presentations will take the form of talks and posters.

As part of the scientific program, a panel discussion with theme “Challenges of the Nordic wolf management” will be arranged. The panelists represent researchers, managers and administrators. The focus will be on the experiences of and new opportunities for managing wolf populations, particularly from the perspective of improving dialogue between the practitioners of the wolf management and research.

The scientific program also includes a workshop with the theme “Practicing transdisciplinary wildlife research”, led by Prof. Juha Hiedanpää and Dr. Jani Pellikka. The purpose of the workshop is to explore the meaning of the concept and associated applications in the field of wildlife research.