Koppel Farms

Koppel Farm is located at the corner of Derby and Pro Mall Blvd, Pullman, WA


Pullman Community Garden at Koppel Farm is volunteer-run, non-profit organization committed to building a sense of community through preservation and enhancement of our natural, agricultural and cultural heritage in Pullman and the Palouse


Pullman Community Garden (formerly known as The Greystone Foundation) is a not-for-profit civic organization originally formed in 1988 to preserve the historic Greystone Church on College Hill in Pullman. The Romanesque style Presbyterian church was designed and built by local architect and businessman, William Swain, in 1914.

The church is currently owned by another party and has recently been remodeled as an apartment complex.

Koppel Farm began as a location promoting organic gardening and community spirit. The name was officially changed to Pullman Community Garden in 2002.

Donations are always welcome

Wish list:

  • Manure from healthy, organically raised animals
  • Mulch for maintaining pathways, such as straw or bark
  • Shovels, Hoes, Pitchforks, Rakes, and other garden supplies
Local Supporters and Participants

Master Gardeners 
USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Pullman 
SYG Nursery
WSU Center for Civic Engagement
City of Pullman
Whitman County Recycling
Palouse Prarie Foundation
WSU Organic Farm
Community Action Center
Pullman Senior Center
Pullman Child Welfare

Plot Rentals
Pullman Community Garden currently rents 80 20’x20’ garden plots and 18 10’x10’ plots. We focus on organic gardening and community spirit among our gardeners.If you are interested in gardening with us or would like more information, please email us at: koppelgardens@gmail.com

Activities at the Farm

Koppel Farm is fostering a place for the community to grow together around concern and appreciation for our shared natural and cultural heritage. The farm provides a location for the following types of educational and gardening activities:
  • Annual Spring Fair and Plant Sale
  • Organic plots for rent
  • A site for agriculture demonstrations such as native plants and a perennial garden
  • A garden to raise food for local food banks. We currently have four 20 X 20 plots for the food bank
Board of Directors
  • Tim Paulitz- Plot Coordinator
  • Diane Curewitz, Treasurer
  • Barbara Merchant- Mowing Committee
  • Joe Astorino-Community Action Center Edible Landscape- Food Bank Plot Coordinator
  • Diane Curewitz- Treasurer
  • Becky Phillips- Facebook
  • Other board members-  Clare Coyne, Pat Siler, Kyle Shelly, Linda Meyer, Geoff Collins, Peter Fuert


We'd love to hear from you koppelgardens@gmail.com