Welcome to Functional Soft Materials Laboratory!
Our main interest lies in creating new functionalities in soft materials, thereby finding useful applications, such as soft electronic/energy devices, actuators, microfluidics, sensors, etc.

Soft materials studied in our lab include, but not limited to, hydrogels, polymers, liquid metals and elastomers.

The on-going projects are listed below;
- Flexible/stretchable perovskite solar cells
- Liquid metal-based electronic/energy devices
- Multifunctional microfibers for energy devices and chemical sensors
- Colloid assembly and manipulation via dielectrophoresis
- Hydrogel-based sensors

If you are interested in our research or collaboration opportunity, please contact us via the email address below.

창의적인 연구를 함께할, 의욕이 넘치는 대학원생 및 학부 연구생을 모집합니다. 관심있는 학생은 아래 주소로 연락바랍니다.

e-mail: hjkoo@seoultech.ac.kr

17.05.   The paper entitled "Cytotoxicity of Gallium–Indium Liquid Metal in Aqueous Environment" has been aceepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

18.04.04~6. Ji-Hye, Minji and Yejin presented posters at the Polymer Society of Korea (Spring Meeting, Daejeon, Korea).

18.03.01.   Minji Lee and Yejin Park joined the lab!!!
18.12.03. Prof. Koo gave an invited talk on agarose-based microfiber at IEEE-Nanomed 2017 in Shenzhen, China.

17.11.26~12.01. Yang-Woo and Ji-Hye presented posters at the Materials Research Society (2017 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA).


17.10. 31. Ji-Hye and her research team presented at The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (Fall Meeting, Deajeon, Korea). 

17.10.11~13 Prof. Koo presented an oral presentation on agarose based microfiber and Yang-Woo,  Ji-Hye presented posters at the Polymer Society of Korea(Fall Meeting, Jeju, Korea).

17.08.   Ji-Hye and her research team visited Wacker Chemical Korea. News link
17.05.   The paper entitled "Flexible and Wearable Fiber Microsupercapacitors Based on Carbon Nanotube–Agarose Gel Composite Electrodes" has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

17.04.05~7. Yang-Woo, Ji-Hye and Hyo-Jin presented posters at the Polymer Society of Korea (Spring Meeting, Daejeon, Korea).

17.03.   The paper entitled "Design and Characterization of Hydrogel-Based Microfluidic Devices with Biomimetic Solute Transport Networks" has been published in Biomicrofluidics.

17.03.   The paper entitled "Conductive Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Applications" has been published in Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.

17.03.01.   Ji-Hye Kim and Hyo-Jin Seo joined the Lab!

16.12.12.   Prof. Koo presented an oral presentation at Pacific Rim Symposium on Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces (PacSurf 2016, Hawaii, USA).

16.11.22.   The Capstone design students presented their thesis work in the department Capstone design symposium.

16.10.   The paper entitled "Role of network geometry on fluid displacement in microfluidic color-changing windows" has been published in Smart Structures and Systems.

16.10.18.   Prof. Koo presented an oral presentation at 10th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials (ACCM-10, Busan, Korea).

16.10.13.   Yang-Woo presented a poster at the Korea Society for Energy Engineering (Fall meeting, Busan, Korea).

16.10.   The paper entitled "하이드로퀴논 전해질 중간체에 의한 염료-수화젤 기반 태양전지 효율 향상has been published in Trans. of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society.

16.06.   The paper entitled "수퍼커패시터 응용을 위한 EGaIn 액체 금속 전극의 전기화학 특성 연구" has been published in Trans. of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society.

16.06.05~8.   Prof. Koo attended ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium 
(Harvard Univ., Boston, USA) and presented a poster.

16.03.01   Yang-Woo Lee joined the Lab!

15.02.13   Drs. Velev and Dickey from NC State Univ. visited Korea.

14.09.01   Prof. Koo has started his faculty career.