My audio DIY projects.
Source codes, schematics are under WTFPL, do what the xxxx you want to.

Where I want to go..
  • Less analog components = full digital
  • Less IM distortion of speakers = multi way
  • Less time & phase modulation = FIR
and I want to understand devices, programs, signals.

current configuration

(1) Softwares. foobar2000 ASIO / Reaper + AVX FIR VST (4way PC crossover) / exaU2I or my USB-DDC ASIO.
 foobar2000 has asio output, uPNP, foo-httpcontrol plugin.
 foobar is controlled from PlugPlayer on iPhone | foodroid on android. 


(2) Fanless PC. Core i3-2120T + Scythe Ninja3 cooler, PicoPSU-150-XT.

(3) USB to I2S x 4 Audio Interface (exaU2I | my USB DDC) and 8ch full digital amplifier (Left TAS5518, Right TAS5706)


(4) Speakers, Linn Komponent 104 (active config, no network) + BIC DV84 as woofer (no network)
 I love 104 because this is the smallest 3Way speaker.

for future:
I made experimental DSD playback system(Player program, USB DDC, DSD amplifier), and PCM to DSD converter.
By DSD processing I can make my own full digital amplifier without TI...

moved to google sites, at Sep/2011.
Contact: Please join and search koon3876.