Search SMS for Android
A powerful tool for searching SMS (text) messages & saving them for later reference (like bookmarks). Works on Android 1.5 (Cupcake), and older versions.

Search supports wildcards, find by contact/number, find by date, by folder, and quoted phrases. Once found, you can reply, forward (as SMS or email), mark unread, copy, delete, & call. Feedback welcome - koombu.admin at gmail dot com

This video shows an introduction and the main features:

Introduction to Search SMS

 Search Operators
Searches are not case sensitive and all words will be matched (order does not matter).
Numbers and letters are treated the same.  Punctuation is not considered part of a word.

Valid search operators:

* - Wildcard to match partial words. For example "apple*" will match both "apple" and "apples"

c. - Search for messages with a given contact.  For example "c.Frank". 
Matching contacts will be shown as you type either a name or number.

n. - Search for messages with a given phone number. For example "c.6175551212". 
Matching contacts will be shown as you type either a name or number.

b. - Search for messages before a given date. For example "b.1/15/2009".

a. - Search for messages after a given date. For example "a.2/20/2007".

f.i or f.s - Search for messages in inbox (f.i) or sent (f.s)

"a phrase" - Search for an exact phrase in quotes

Long-press on an item to bring up a menu where you can do many things, such as view it in
the original thread, call the number, reply, forward, mark unread, copy, and delete


The Search tab, where you find messages and search terms are highlighted in them.  The date and sender/recipient of the messages are shown
 You can view any message within the context of its original thread with surrounding messages, shown below with the chosen message highlighted.
 When searching for messages from/to a given contact, you can begin typing the name or number of that contact to see a list of matches.

 The Saved tab shows messages that you've decided to keep for later.  This is similar to bookmarks/favorites.

You can take many different actions on a message, including forwarding it as an email, marking it unread, or copying it to the clipboard, and several others.
 Integrated help for search operators

This application will work on Android phones, including the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream, HTC Sapphire), also offered by Optus, Era, Singtel, Telefonica, and Vodafone's HTC Magic