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 מוקדש לכלבים, שהם כולולב


To donate or volunteer to find homes for rescue dogs, email koololev@gmail.com or SMS 0544470534 (+972-544470534)







 הכלב הזה מוכר לכם


TODAY, November 29, thanks to Koololev volunteers, "Putchie", found lost in Herzliya around November 12, has been reunited with his owners - who are from Hod Hasharon. They moved, he went walkabout, and didn't know where to go back to. AND when a kind-hearted girl took him to the vet, his chip didn't appear in the Israel national register.Fortunately, good pictures were made available. We sent the story to the Herzliya local paper, who published the story last Friday. After nearly a week, we got an early Hanukah miracle!!!


PLEASE tell ALL DOGOWNERS that they must make sure that their dog's and their OWN details are correctly registered.


The Ministry of Agriculture maintains what they call a “Dog Center” (Ma’agar Klavim – “Doggie Database). Go to http://www.moag.gov.il/vtr/dogcenter/ and check that your dog’s details and your own details are correctly registered. If you move, make sure that you update them. Check with your local  municipal vet, whose details you can also get from the website. You can email DogCenter@moag.gov.il. You can call them from 9-1 at 03-9681610. MAKE SURE YOUR CORRECT CONTACT DETAILS ARE REGISTERED WITH THE AUTHORITIES!



פוצ'י, בן 14, הוחזר למשפחתו היום, כ"ט בנובמבר (!), הודות לאנשים שהם "כולולב". היה לכלב הזה שבב, אבל המספר לא הופיע במאגר הכלבים של משרד החקלאות. תבדקו באתר /http://www.moag.gov.il/vtr/dogcenter שפרטי הכלבים שלכם וגם הפרטים שלכם מדויקים ומעודכנים. דוא"ל: DogCenter@moag.gov.il. טל: 03-9681610, 9:00-13:00. תודיעו לכולם!!!!



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