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One life. One homepage. Both very much works in progress, like you.

Bonvenon! Welcome! Yokoso!
[updated 27th November, 2009]
What am I listening to these days?
The music of Céline Wadier (ReverbNation page)
(also at SellaBand and MySpace)
Refresh - Sunita Kapur
Dark Moons & Nightingales - Kathie Touin
Djinn: Le Mystère des Chats
Louisa John–Krol (Prikosnovénie)
Radio Fréquence India
Past 2 Fast - Tina Dalal

Welcome to my central homepage, just relocated from the now-closed Google Pages servers. I am the webmaster for the celebrated storyteller and author Diane Wolkstein (whose website recently got a smashing iWeb® makeover) and for the Storytelling Center, Inc. of New York City.

I also produce Whack–a–Flick, which simply must been seen to be believed.

Right now, my life is in the midst of transition once again. I may be one of the lucky ones to say that I actually have a full-time job during this economically-stressed time. Because of that and my part-time job (which I may be able to leave by year's end, if all goes well), I need to put my video making plans on hold for a while. Not forever, however.

Please make yourselves at home, and be sure to bookmark this homepage. You never know what might happen next...! Elkoran dankon!

P.S.: Those interested in my webmastering services can contact me by e-mail at konstelacio [at] (serious inquiries and offers only).

P.P.S.: Ĉu vi volas lerni Esperanton? Want to learn Esperanto? Visit lernu! and get started for free!

Say "saluton!" at my new Esperanto-centric ipernity page!

2009 Philip David Morgan.