Philip David Morgan

One life. One homepage. Both very much works in progress, like you.


[updated 12th July, 2021]

I am only now revisiting — and reviving — my homepage on Google, after too many years of neglect. My video making hobby remains on pause, especially due to the current COVID–19 pandemic, and I am patiently waiting for the time when I can comfortably return to New York City and resume creating new content. This just simply hasn't been the best time for me to do anything creative.

For now, I am content to focus on learning the Esperanto language and its history. Like many others, I came to la internacia lingvo through the postal course (ten lessons or so), but didn't do much with the knowledge I acquired. Sixteen years is far too long to let Zamenhof's gift to the world go to waste.

Moreover, I want Esperanto to be my one focus this Summer and beyond — and this is on purpose. I've spent so much time too much, actually splitting my focus in so many directions. And I can't keep doing that as I grow older. I want to bring discipline and some sense of meaning to what life I have left, however long that may be. I'll write more as I regain my confidence. But suffice to say that I am only getting started.

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