Konstantin Suslov



Born: 26 Nov 1979, Russia

Institute of Immunology, Moscow, Russia  


  AID, AIDS and the Vaccine of the Future

Fields of Research: Immunology, Virology, Bioinformatics                                                                                          

Favourite enzyme : AID

Main hypothesis : SHM hypothesis for R5-X4 HIV-1 switching [1].        

Main aim: HIV Vaccine 

[1] Suslov KV. Does AID aid AIDS? Immunol Lett.(2004);91:1-2  

[4] Suslov KV. Towards comprehensive bioinformatics analysis of viruses on the presence of prion-like proteins. (2007);Dissertation for the taught degree “MSc in Bioinformatics”. University of Oxford. PDF file  Creative Commons License  This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.                                    Publication Dates

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