eMail Backup

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The command line utility for reserve saving files on email servers.

It is required Microsoft .NET 2.0.


  • Copying of files in the folder onto one or several email servers.
  • Compression of files before copying for reduction of the traffic.
  • Cutting files on the parts supposed by a server.
  • Maskerading of “wrong” extensions of filenames before sending.
  • Filtration of files on extensions (lists of included and excluded extensions).
  • Subfolders processing.


One or several post messages which the files attach are formed. The list of the attached files is brought in the text of the message, the message has a theme set in parameter TitleFrom and a name of the catalogue.

Process of formation and sending of the post message is displayed on the console, error messages writes in a text file eMailBackup.errors.

Parameters of a configuration

Parameters are in a file eMailBackup.exe.config (a text file in coding UTF-8).

  • SmtpHost –address of a SMTP server for sending mail ( etc.)
  • SmtpUser name of user
  • SmtpPwd password
  • SmtpPort – port of SMTP server.
  • SmtpTimeout – timeout of server (in minutes).
  • SmtpEnableSSL – SMTP server used SSL (True|False).
  • SmtpHostAuthorize – SMTP server requied of authorization (True|False).
  • AddrFrom – the address on behalf of which mail will be sent.
  • TitleFrom – Visible name of the sender and subject of messages.
  • AddrTotarget addresses. The list of the addresses divided by a symbol «;»
  • FilesMaskInclude – Lists of masks of types of the files included in process of copying. Each line contains the list of the masks divided by a comma. In parameter any quantity of lines can be set.
  • FilesMaskExclude – Lists of masks of types of the files excluded from process of copying.
  • ScanSubDirectories – process subfolders (True|False).
  • InvalidExtention – list of “wrong” extensions of filenames.
  • ValidExtension – “right” extension for maskerading.
  • GzipFiles – compress files before sending (True|False).
  • MaxAttachmentsSize – max size of attachments (in Mb) in message. Files with the sizes exceeding this parameter, will be cut on a part.
  • MaxAttachmentsCount – max number of attachments in message.
  • ArcFiles – extensions of archives. That files while GzipFiles==True will not be compressed.
  • CmdEncoding – The coding of a command file for assembly of parts of the cut file. By default OEM–encoding used.

Parameters of a command line

  • -to, -o <user@domain> – target address. The parameter can repeat the necessary number of times. Values of addresses are united with set in parameter of a configuration AddrTo. By default value of AddrFrom used.
  • -m <mask list> – same as FilesMaskInclude. Values are united.
  • -x <mask list> – same as FilesMaskExclude. Значения Values are united.
  • -zip – compress files irrespective of value of parameter GzipFiles.
  • -nozip – do not compress files irrespective of value of parameter GzipFiles.
  • -unzip file1[,fileN] – inflate earlier the compressed files. All the files specified in a command line should have extension.nzip. Mode auxiliary - no other parameters are processed also reserve copying is not made.
  • -split file piece – cut a file on a part of the set size (in bytes). Mode auxiliary - no other parameters are processed also reserve copying is not made.