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(Note: These low-quality MP3 files are just so family and friends can hear what music I'm listening to.
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small planes, by The Innocence Mission

Some tracks from
small planes
and various other sources

by The Innocence Mission

The official website of The Innocence Mission      


Track 01:   Today             (from "small planes")
Track 02:   No Storms Come   (from "befriended")
Track 03:   I have Loved You   (from "small planes")
Track 04:   The Girl On My Left  (from "small planes")
Track 05:   Too Early To Tell    (from "small planes")
Track 06:   Moon River    (from "now the day is over")
Track 07:   When They Ring the Golden Bells (Natalie Merchant with Karen Peris)

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Howard Hasik,
Aug 19, 2009, 10:52 PM