USS TEXAS Wanted Electronic Equipment

re is a photo album of missing electronic equipment aboard the USS TEXAS BB-35.  If you happen to have any of these pieces or you think you have something we could use but not listed on this site, please send me an email at  Donations accepted!  Check out ham radio operations aboard the TEXAS here:

Original 1945 radio/electronic inventory: Original Radio/Electronic Inventory

Radio Equipment:


Looking for 2 setups of the AN/APR-1 or AN/SPR-1 search radar receiver setup as pictured above.  We are preferably looking for TN-1A, TN-2A, TN-3A, and TN-4A tuning units, as we used the motor driven units, which bare an "A" designation.  We also need the F-19 and F-20 Wave Traps, as well as the rectifier filter, as it helps power the motors in the tuning units.  Any associated connectors or cables would be great to have too.  

RME CME-50063 Preselector (Navy RME DB-20):

We are looking for at least one more of these RME built TYPE CME-50063 Preselector Units preferably in the black wrinkle version.  This is the Navy version of the RME DB-20 preselector unit.  These were paired with our National built RAS and RBH receivers.

National RAS-2 Receiver:

We are looking for parts to help restore our National built RAS units.  Both of these were donated to the TEXAS though await restoration.  This is a Navy equivalent to the HRO but with a 175 kHz IF.  Looking for a replacement speaker panel for the one on the right and a "NC" emblem from this era to replace the missing emblem on another RAS we have.  TEXAS had 4 of these sets with 3 placed in actual service.  We used the RAS-2, pictured left,  which was accepted by the Navy, December 2, 1941.

RBA/RBB/RBC Receivers: 

.Looking for RBB/RBC and RBA parts (2 receivers shown above).  We are also looking for the power supplies for these sets shown above, especially the 9 pin power cables.  

RAK/RAL Receivers:

Looking for parts, especially original interconnecting cables for RCA or Andrea Radio built "RAK" and "RAL" model receivers.

Looking for a Hallicrafters built model "RDC" receiver in the top left corner.  This photo is an original photo of part of Radar IV aboard the TEXAS.  The "RDC" is a motor driven version of the S-36 / S-27 receiver.

Direction Finding Equipment:


Looking for the bearing indicator and table for a Federal Telephone & Telegraph built model "DAK" direction finding equipment. We have the original chair though!  Also looking for the miniature speaker grille for the DAK we have.

Panoramic Adapters: 

 Looking for a model "RBW-2M" panadapter for Radar IV.  We are also looking for REB and RCX-1 panadapters, which look exactly like this panadapter, but with a different nomenclature tag and operating frequency.


Looking for several radiotelephones or "radiophones" of this style.


MAN Transceiver:

Looking for parts and accessories to a Motorola built model "MAN" mobile/vehicular transceiver, especially the control head with speaker.  You may ask, why a mobile radio aboard a ship?  The Navy attempted to develop CIC to CIC communication between ships, rather than use the TBS set, however the MAN was not very effective for this use.  However, we have a spot in CIC where one once sat.

TBS Transceiver:

Looking for several of these control heads used on the TBS transceiver.  Also looking for other TBS related accessories and parts.  

TBX Transceiver:

Looking for parts for the TBX sets, especially the cables.  We originally had onboard a TBX-6, but currently have a TBX-5 donated to us.  Also looking for antenna and stake. 

TBY Transceiver:

Looking for the AC power supply for model "TBY" transceiver.  This was used as a back up to the TBS transceiver in the flag radio room.  The power supply was built by Electronic Laboratories with a Navy designation of Type CLG-20206 for TBY series radio equipment.


Looking for AS-56 and AS-57 shipboard antennas for AN/APR-1 / AN/SPR-1 receivers.

Looking for original shipboard antenna for TBY backpack radio.

Looking for a handful of these Navy concentric receiver antenna connectors.  If you've ever owned WWII surplus Navy receivers, these were the connectors that were often bypassed with more common SO-239 connectors.  Also looking for its mating socket (almost like a male banana jack).

Test Equipment:

Looking for 3 Weston Model "OQ" tube testers

Looking for one Dumont Model 241 oscilloscope.  The oscilloscope is (2) in the picture.
Need 2 more CJA-60020 oscilloscopes. These are RCA 3" scopes. Anyone know the "CJA" contractor or what this may have been a bigger part?

Radar/IFF Equipment

Looking for one more model SG range and train radar unit for CIC. Particularly in the earlier green/brown wrinkle paint.

Looking for the BL Interrogator-respondor transponder.

Looking for one more BN Duplexer unit CTZ-50ACW

Looking for 2 of these model "VC" PPI radar repeaters.

Sound Equipment:

Looking for at least 3 of these missing RCA horns.  They are model MI-2915 power horns.

Looking for several of these RCA built CRV-49131 loudspeaker amplifiers.  Other designations include CMX-49131 (Magnavox manufacture, slightly different case design).  Most of these amplifiers were used in conjunction with the Scott RBO entertainment receivers, which provided music and entertainment to maintain morale aboard ship. This is a photo of a restored RBO that is now playing music of the era aboard the ship.

Looking for these styled reproducers and cases.  Does not need to be polished brass can be any condition.  This model with the volume control knob is for the TBS transceiver, and we need at least 5 of the TBS version/"General Radio Use" with volume control speaker.  It will have a tag with RCA CRV-49155 or Magnavox CMX-49155 designation.  Reproducers like this without the volume control will have the designation of  MI-2917.  Some of these will have an RCA meatball in the center of the grille.

US Army Signal Corps Equipment

Looking for several BC-683 receivers for an SCR-608 setup that was used aboard the TEXAS.  Also looking for the FT-237 mounting plate to hold 2 BC-683 receivers and a BC-684 transmitter.  

Looking for antenna socket for an SCR-522 / 624 aircraft transceiver.  The antenna socket is on the right.  The SCR-624 was used in the CIC, which replaced the earlier AN/ARC-1 transceiver that was once used on the ship. 

Miscellaneous Parts:

Looking for large 861 transmitting tetrodes for our transmitters that may be restored and operating one day.  Prefer to have 861's that still have their vacuum.  

Other tubes we are looking for:  Also accepting good condition WWII USN tube boxes for associated tubes for restocking tube lockers in associated compartments.
other common receiving tubes used in WWII equipment

Spare Parts Containers:

Looking for original spare parts containers for any radios, transmitters, radar, panadapters, etc.  This spare parts container in particular is for the RBA receiver and its power supply.

Telegraph Keys:

Looking for telegraph key panels like this, with switch and lamp jewel.  If these cannot be located, we would like to find those older styled switch covers, jewels, and switches to make reproductions on bakelite sheets.  The telegraph key is a "26001" straight key, which may bare designation of Lundquist Tool and Bunnell models, such as "CLT-26001" and "CJB-26001".

Also looking for 2 McElroy made for US Navy speed keys with designation of "CMK-26009"

Cables and Connectors:  Have any Cannon, Amphenol, Elco, Jones, etc connectors, cables, sockets?  Please contact me!

Knobs: Pointer knobs - RCA styled, Kurz Kasch, Dakaware, etc

Shock Mounts:  flat shock mounts, radio shock mount assemblies, Lord shock mounts, cup shaped shock mounts


The CTE-49016 headset was the standard headset aboard the TEXAS.  We had at least 20 pairs of these.  These headsets have a 600 ohm impedance, headbands are cloth or plastic, cords are either cloth or rubber, and majority need to have 1/4" plug.  Prefer working headsets as I put a pair with each radio I restore.