Trails Study Areas

Based on the results from the first Public Workshop held June 16, 2009, and the online Trails Survey, the Konocti Regional Trails System was divided into six study areas:

Study Areas:
Northshore Study (NS) Area: Covering Clearlake Oaks, Nice and Lucerne.
Westshore Study (WS) Area: Covering Upper Lake and greater Lakeport
Konocti Region (KR) Study Area: Covering Kelseyville, Mt Konocti and the Rivieras
Eastshore (ES) Study Area: Covering greater Clearlake, Lower Lake
South County (SC) Study Area: Covering Hidden Valley, Middletown, Cobb
Clear Lake (CL) Study Area: Covering Water Trails on Clear Lake

Major Destinations in Lake County - Outside the Study Areas
BLM Cache Creek; BLM Walker Ridge/Indian Valley; BLM Cow Mountain; BLM Geysers; BLM Knoxville; MNF Snow Mountain; Lake Pillsbury, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, Blue Lakes

Within each study area, a list was made of existing trails, proposed trails (those proposed and approved in county/area plans) and conceptual connections (wish list). The conceptual connections were developed from Workshop 1 and 2, and the Online Survey.

The existing, proposed and conceptual trails were divided into a hierarchy of thee types:
•    Regional Trails, connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
•    Community Connector Pathways, link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system   
•    Local Trails/Pathways, connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

More info on the study areas and results of the workshop can be found in the sidebar under Trails Study Areas.

Comments? Please visit the KRT Discussion Group to make comments/suggestions on the study areas.