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As part of the outreach strategy in creating a Master Trails Plan for Lake County, a series of 15 questions was developed to identify existing destinations, desired modes of trail use, key issues and concerns, and desired amenities. Additionally, the survey was designed to determine the level of support for a Konocti Regional Trail system and garner potential volunteers.

The website Survey Monkey ( was used to host the online questionnaire for a 30-day time period in September 2009. Solicitations were made via email, press releases were published in local media, and flyers were posted at numerous locations around the county. Local high schools were also approached to engage responses from a younger group.

The survey elicited 652 responses, predominantly within Lake County; this represents 1% of the population. The demographics included 66% female, while the major age group was 45-65 (51%) followed by 115 youth under the age of 18 (18%). The bulk of the survey-takers resided in the Lakeport/Kelseyville area (48%).

The top three types of activities done in Lake County included walking/hiking (87%), dog-walking (47%) and paddling (29%), with biking and equestrian activities closely following. The bulk of current “trail usage” consisted of walking local roads and neighborhoods. Clear Lake State Park, Anderson Marsh Historic Park, Highland Springs Reservoir and Cache Creek were the most visited destinations.

Respondents identified Mt. Konocti as the area most desired for future trail development, followed by the cities of Lakeport and Kelseyville and the Northshore ridgeline. Half of the people felt they would use a future trail system at least weekly, rising to 94% at least monthly on a recreational basis, rather than as alternative mode of transportation.

Safety was number one in concern for the development of trails - be it personal safety, safe road crossings or safe and direct access between communities - as well as trail maintenance and management. Desirable amenities included directional signs and maps, restrooms, trailhead parking and trash bins. Respondents also expressed a strong desire for local pathways and connections.

The desired trail development responses were loosely grouped into 6 study areas:
• Clear Lake (water trails)
• North Shore (Nice, Lucerne, Clearlake Oaks)
• Konocti Region (Kelseyville, Rivieras),
• West shore (Lakeport, Upper Lake);
• South County (Cobb/Middletown/Hidden Valley;
• East Shore (Clearlake, Lower Lake)

A vast majority of respondents (92%) support the creation of trails in Lake County, with nearly 250 respondents (42%) willing to work on trail planning and development.

Copies of the survey results are listed below

Konocti Regional Trails Online Public Survey Results 9/1/09-10/1/09
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