"...a secret forge exists where armors were crafted and enchanted by dragons."
― Skjoldr Bjorik, The Dragon Forge

Tales tell of a secret forge known only to the High Dragon Priests, and their closest advisers. There, many of the Dragon Cult's most powerful and imposing armors treasures are hidden, including Konahrik's Armor and the legendary Dragon Forge.

Revakheim is the central location for the quest Konahrik's AccoutrementsIt can be accessed via a cave atop the mountain north of Anga's Mill, near Windhelm.

Revakheim Ruins

Although Revakheim is relatively untouched because of its seclusion, time has not spared this temple.
You will find many passages have been blocked, and you will have to find alternate routes to navigate the Dragon Priest refuge.

Resurrection Chamber

This secret room was built by the High Dragon Priests as another way to ensure their immortality. It is accessed through a false sarcophagus near the cave entrance. Using a mask and an Empty Grand Soul Gem, you can preform a dark ritual to summon reincarnations of the High Priests. Once the sacrificial items have been placed, take your seat at the throne and watch as the ritual completes. You can resurrect as many priests, as often as you wish.

Revakheim Forge

The Dragon Forge is one of Revakheim's most useful features. This forge is unique because it gives the artisan's the power to create epic Dragon Priest Armor for themselves.

Revakheim Pit

Underneath the Forge is Revakheim's Pit, a fiery, dark place. Here a Dragon Priest called Fodiiz guards against intruders.
The Pit is riddled with fire traps, so watch your step.

Revakheim Snare

Beyond the Pit is the Snare, a convoluted maze populated with spectral guardians that attack anyone who steps on the wrong path.

Revakheim Vault

The final room of Revakheim, the vault protects Revakheim's greatest treasure, the "Warlord" Elder Scroll. The scroll is guarded by a dragon called Zinkelkah.


- Exiting Revakheim via the resurrection chamber leads to a stunning view of the Statue of Azura.