Beautiful Edge of the World B&B, Kona, Hawaii コナコーヒー園の素敵な宿。

(Yup, welcome to our home, the "Edge B&B")  We hope you'll consider making it your home for a while, too.

The Hawaiian word ohana translates loosely to family, or extended family including friends.  My family and I would like to invite you to join our ohana in Captain Cook on the Kona coast of the Big Island for a while.
  Our aim is to make you like it enough to come back again to our bed and breakfast some day.  Many folks, in our 14 years of running the B&B, do.

You should find the things you need to know to make your decision about whether or not to stay here.  If you can't find something, or if you have any questions, you can give us a toll free call at 800 660-8491 or write to me at

My name is Kurt.  I've been a pilot, a professor, a writer, an inn keeper and coffee farmer.  I like what we're doing now a lot.  Here's a picture of me and my daughter Jenna on her fourth birthday.  I'm on the right.

Here's a picture of Jenna and her mom, Kanae.  Everybody calls her Kana because we can't say it the right way.  She's from Shizuoka, Japan and is the most wonderful person I've ever known.  Jenna is (sometimes) a punk version of Shirley Temple.  Her specialty is teaching our guests how to crack macadamia nuts.


Interesting, nice folks come from around the world.  It makes it tons of fun for us and tons of fun for them to meet each other.  We're not a giant, institutional B&B.  Just three rooms, and we care about everybody who comes to stay with us.  We try to keep our room rates as low as possible to make it easier for folks to visit Hawaii.

エッジ オブ ザ ワールド ベット アンド ブレックファースト は、ハワイ島コナ空港から南へ車で40分ほどのところのキャプテンクックという町にあります。コナコーヒーで有名な地域にあり、私どものB&Bもコーヒー農園でもあります。