Rules & Entry Guidelines (new info - look for this color)

  • What kind of bottles are required?  We have increased the bottle sizes...................
Every bottle must be 10 to 24 ounces in volume and be free of ANY labels, glue or residual from the original bottle company. Obliterate any lettering or graphics on the cap with a permanent black marker, caps should to be silver or gold. Corked bottles are acceptable; however, you must crimp a crown cap over the cork. Bottles not meeting these requirements will be disqualified.
  • How many bottles do I need?
Send two 10 to 24 ounce bottles for each beer or mead entry in this competition. 
  • How much are the entry fees?
Entry fees are $9.00 per entry. Make checks payable to: THE BILL HEALY FOUNDATION. Update soon:  Hoping to have PayPal available this year!
  • When are the entry deadlines? You may begin entering online information beginning January 21th thru February 25th.

All entries (bottles) must be received between January 28th and March 4th, 2017.  If you plan to hand deliver your entries, the entries have to be entered online before the entry deadline of February 25th and you must deliver your entries no later than 6 PM, Friday, March 4th. If we are not home, a cooler will be on the front lanai - leave your entries there...

Please NOTE - there is NO difference in the dates the beers must be received - we will be organizing the categories on March 5th at our judging location!!!!! 


Ship To Address: 
 Shawn Crawford  73-1269  Lihau Street #B, Kailua Kona, HI 
96740  808-217-2501  or Karen  808-264-8889
  • How do I enter?

  Fill in the online entry form, then print it and mail in the entry form, your check for the entry fee, and your labeled beers to the above address. 

Each entry requires an entry form,  All entries must be made online. Manual entry forms have been discontinued.

Fold your check or money order with one of your entry forms, Only 1 check for your ALL YOUR ENTRIES. On your check write the number of entries for which the check or money order pays and the names of the entrants if they are not all the same.  We suggest you put your entry forms and check in a baggie to protect them if a bottle leaks.

Attach a completely filled out bottle identification label to THE NECK each bottle with a NEW rubber band.  MUST:  Cut the bottle ID from the full page and trim down - place packing tape on either side then fold in half and rubber band to the bottle.  (DO NOT use tape or glue the label directly to the bottle. We must remove the labels after the beers are categorized and tape or glue makes this very difficult for us.) If we cannot determine your entry information due to the labels being unreadable or missing, they will not be judged. Please Look at the Bottle Labeling page on this site for Photos :  You can get more updates on Facebook - follow this link: 

Then put your bottles in a well packed carton, fold and insert the entry form into an envelope and ship with your entries.  If you are not hand carrying your entries, use appropriate shipping methods. We recommend FedEx as it is "illegal" to ship beer with USPS or UPS.

  • Which category do I enter?
We will be judging from The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines with all categories including cider and mead. It is your responsibility to choose the correct category and subcategory.  You should try to enter your brew in the category and subcategory where you feel it will perform best. Judges or organizers will not classify or reclassify your beer. Your entry may be disqualified if it falls outside of a category's parameters. The descriptions are guidelines to help you enter your beer. Judges use the guidelines to guide them while judging your beer.
  • What are the entry limitations?
  1. You may not submit more than one entry per subcategory or Category, if there are no subcategories, such as Category 23. Specialty Beer.
  2. Your homebrew must not have been brewed at any place that brews beverages for any commercial purpose, whether for commercial research, production or any other purpose, including brew on premise establishments. 
  3. You must provide the names of all brewers who helped in the brewing.
  • How Do I Fill Out The Entry Form? Make sure your firewalls are at a MINIMUM or the page will not allow you to fill out - WORK Computers may have walls you cannot change......................
Brewers Information: Fill in the name of the brewer who is responsible for receiving mailings and results. Fill in the full names of all other brewers who participated in brewing the entry.  Fill in the address where mailings and results should be sent. Entry Information: Please be sure to read the NOTES TO BREWERS in the 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines with cider and mead to make sure you enter the correct information on your Entry Form.

Special Note: If you are entering any of the following categories: 6d, 16e, 17f, 20, 21, 2b, 2c, 23, 25c, 26a, 26c, 27e, 28b, 28c, or 28d, refer to part I of the Rules and Regulations and the BJCP Syle Guidelines at for instructions on providing correct information for these entries.The judges will use this important information for evaluating entries in these categories.  Entrants of historical Beers are asked to provide the historical beer style and information on the style profile and history as an aid to judges.

If the Classic Style along with the Special Ingredient is not included or if you fail to fill out #16, #17 or, if applicable, # 18 for mead and cider, your entry will not be judged. Please limit the text for the Special Ingredients to 120 characters.