The purpose of this wiki is to provide myself (and any other players who wish to use it) with a reference guide to the many rules updates and clarifications which have occurred since the 4.0 rules were released in early 2010 for the Kingdoms of Novitas LARP.

In my time collecting information and rulings, I have found that collecting such a massive amount of information all in one place is thoroughly exhausting, which is why I have started with the "easier" sections of the spell appendix and existing worldbook information.  Thanks so much to all of the Rules & Balancing members who have been working for the last 2+ years to provide an accurate representation of our Rulebook  -  it is an enormous job for that small handful of people, and I'm sure they will present a quality end product.  

That being said, this wiki still always a work in progress, and the official 4.0 rules should be used for all formal clarifications.  A copy of the official rules can be found here .

If you think that Kingdoms of Novitas looks like a fun LARP, or would like to learn more, see some photos etc, please visit our web site at: http://kingdomsofnovitas.net/

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