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Kema Oyster Mushrooms was established on December 2012 by Abdul Wahid Khandarash.  We are Hamilton's only local Oyster Mushroom producer.    > > Learn More About Us

Our Services  We produce Oyster Mushrooms and supply to local Hotels Restaurants and Supermarkets just minutes after harvesting.  Individuals may get our Oyster Mushrooms in Farmers Market and Frankton Saturday Market. > > Learn More About Our Services

Get more information We deliver our fresh Oyster Mushroom products to our costumers free of charge.  Our prices are flexible and our products and services are satisfying.  for more information  > > Contact Us

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Go to this page to watch interesting videos about the way how to grow mushrooms. >>

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Here is collection of Books, Journals, articles and many Kurdish titles about mushrooms and related materials.>>