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About Us

KOMPASSION HEALTH Company Limited was founded with the passion to bring the innovative products that can benefit health of everyone with the belief that healthy people can stand strong to create value and move the world toward the "Healthy Planet".

For  passed many years, Narinrit Prem-apiwathanokul (A.Fon), a renowned energy healer in Thailand had conducted extensive research in energy healing and found a device that would greatly explain how and why the energy healing works and causes positive effect to human's health condition. So he thought this will bring the energy healing to the next level of awareness and acceptance. He found that by having scientific equipment to help analyze human energy field can benefit health in many aspects which include the realization of person's current energetic condition and early detection of potential physical illness due to lack of appropriate energy present at particular organ.

We are collaborating with the great and world-renowned scientists who has extensive experience in quantum physics, laser technology and biology - Dr.Konstantin Korotskov.
He has invented a great device using technique call GDV (Gas-Discharge Visualization) to capture human energy field, analyze it and to determine the health condition of the person in granular detail which can map into each specific organ of the person. Further more, he also combines eastern and western medical concept so that the result read by the device can be mapped and analyzed in variety of aspects which include the organ view, Chakra view, and those ancient Chinese energy meridian analysis. 

With this device anyone can non-intrusively analyze their health condition to determine the sickness or the energetic level of the person, so that to provide appropriate treatment. The device can even determine the earlier state of the sickness even when its symptom does not yet shown or detected by legacy medical devices.

We found that with the raise of the awareness and acceptance of energy medicine around the world as it can now be proved and explained using modern science, quantum physics and modern biology, we believe that the technology that we offer can very much help everyone to realize and benefit from the understanding of the human energy field. 

"All matters are energy including us. To stay HEALTHY, we need to be in proper energy condition both ourselves and the environment we are surrounded with. We need an equipment that help us visualize and analyze the energy condition in order to get it healed or treated properly. Bio-Well is the answer."