What does the Komodo Dragon eat?

    If you have ever heard of or researched Komodo Dragons, you probably know that they are carnivores. A Komodo Dragons favourite thing to eat is carrion. Carrion is basically the decaying flesh of an animal. Otherwise, "meat". Komodo Dragons eat all kinds of carrion. 
    Other than carrion, Komodo dragons eat a lot of live food also. They eat Invertebrates (other reptiles, even small Komodo Dragons, or sometimes their own children). Komodo Dragons eat birds and birds eggs. They also eat small mammals such as monkeys, wild boar, goats and pigs. Deer, horses, and water buffalo are also part of a Komodo Dragons diet. Komodo Dragons also eat snakes, and livestock such as sheep and cattle. It is rare, but on occasion, a grown Komodo Dragon will attack a human. They can seriously injure a human. Their claws can make horrid scratches on human skin. Their teeth are even more deadly. 
    If the animal is right, a Komodo Dragon will swallow it whole. A goat is perfect for this because of certain attributes. These are  their flexible skull, loose jaws and expandable stomach. Each of these attributes make it possible for a Komodo Dragon to swallow it whole. After the swallowing, the Komodo Dragon has to bask in the sun for quite a while, hours, to digest. They have to digest as fast as possible, because if they don't, the undigested meat could poison them. The only part of the goat that they avoid are the contents of the stomach and intestines. This is because they do not want to eat the vegetables that the goat had eaten. That shows just how carnivorous Komodo Dragons actually are. 
    Komodo Dragons are not just Carnivores, but they are also Cannibals. They do not only eat their young, but they are known to prey on sick, weak or older dragons. About 10% of a Komodo Dragons diet consists of other dragons. 

This is a picture of a Komodo Dragon digesting a goat or some other animal after eating it whole. 

As you can see, a Komodo Dragons jaws can open very wide, making it possible to swallow an animal whole. 

The Dragons ability to run fast helps it to catch it's prey easily. 

The Komodo Dragons claws can make cuts up to at least 2 inches deep. That is not all that they can do, though.