KLA Journal

ISSN 2188-5877

KLA Journal is an annual online publication that functions as a record of research activities of Komaba Language Association. As official members of Komaba Language Association, you are cordially invited to submit papers to KLA Journal. Publication in KLA Journal qualifies as a refereed publication. All submitted papers will go through strict peer reviewing before publication. As a condition of inclusion, contributors are also asked to proofread other submitted papers.

Qualified contributors are either: a) present students, former graduates or faculty members at the University of Tokyo, or b) those who are specially invited to contribute their papers by the editorial board committee. Submitted papers may be on any subject of interest to KLA members; if you are unsure about whether your paper would be appropriate for KLA Journal, please contact the editors in advance.  Due to our academic policy, the regular KLA Journal is published online only. 

KLA Journal』は駒場言葉研究会(KLA)の日頃の研究成果を広く発表するため機会を提供するために刊行されました。投稿資格、掲載条件、出版形態、投稿期限は以下の通りです。


  • 東京大学の学生、卒業生、並びに教員。その他、紀要編集委員会が適切と認めたもの。


  • 厳正な査読(ピア・レビュー)を経た後、適切と認められたもの。
    • 投稿者は論文掲載の条件の一つとして、このピア・レビューを行うことが義務づけられています。
    • 論文内容が本紀要に適切か定かでない場合は事前に紀要編集委員会にお問い合わせ下さい


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