Town Hall Library  


In 1999, Corporation purchased the entire collection of rare books and journals on Kolkata from the noted Kolkata expert P. T. Nair to form a reference library. In 2004, the library was formally opened by the then Minister of Library Services, Nimai Mal in a small function presided over by the then Mayor Subrata Mukherjee.


In 2007, the entire reference library of the Corporation has been amalgamated with the Town Hall Library. Now the library possesses about 12,000 books and journals and is visited by many scholars from different corners of India and abroad.


Some rare valuable books held by the library:


Charles Ball – The History of Indian Mutiny.

The Diary of William Hedge.

Calcutta Light  Horse – 1759-1881-1947. 

A Claude Campbell – Glimpses of Bengal.

Catalogue of the Pictures and Sculptures in the collection of the Maharaja Tagore.

Wilmot Corfiled – Calcutta faces and places in pre-camera days.

Joseph Emin – The life and Adventures of Joseph Emin: an American.

E. d. Ezra – Turning back the pages : A chronicle of Calcutta Jewry.

Henry Hyde – Parochial Annals of Bengal.

Parish of Bengal, 1678 to 1788.

Charles Lushington – The history, design and present state of the benevolent and charitable institution, founded by the British in Calcutta and its vicinity.

Charles Moor – The Sheriffs of Fort William from 1775 to 1926.

Rabbi Ezekiel N Musleah on the Banks of the Ganga.

O Connell – The Park Street Cemeteries – Hand book of the Principle monuments.

The Outram Statue, Calcutta

D. L. Richarson – Literary Recreations.

Smoult & Ryan – Rules and orders of the supreme court of judicature at Fort William in Bengal.

Stark and Madge – East Indian worthies.

Willkinson – Two Monsoons.

William Bolts – Considerations on Indian affairs.

Rev. Lal behari De – Recollections of Alexander Duff (with author's Signature)

Harry Hobbs – The Romance of the Calcutta sweep (with author's copy)

Sir Upendranath Brahmachari – Gleanings from my researches : Kala-azar, its Chemotherapy.

Calcutta Exhibition, official Hand Book and Guide – 1923.

Narendra Nath Laha – Subarnabanik, Katha O Kirthi

Ramcomal Sen – Dictionary of English and Bengal.

Biography, Calcutta Review, Modern Review, Bengal Past and Present, Journal of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta Municipal Gazette and other publications of CMC.

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