Program Reports

Aitijjhya publishes audio and a-v reports of the presented programs. Here are the links.

Concert Report of 22 December 2012
A Hindusthani Music Concert with scientists.

Concert Report 24 Jun, 2012

Tagore's Monsoon with songs and poetry.

Concert Report 22 Jan 2012
Flute recital by Shri Steve Gorn with tabla support by Chiranjit Mukherjee
Pt. Sanjoy bandopadhyay joined with Steve at the final piece.

Report of the 19 June 2009 Program
A documentary presented by Rakhi Banerjee
Vocal recital by Pandit Jagdish Prasad with tabla support by Parimal Chakraborty

Report of the First Program
Presentation by Professor Amlan Dasgupta
Vocal recital by Professor Sugata Marjit with tabla support by Aurobindo Bhattacharya