22 January 2012 from 6 p.m.
Venue: RABISATHI, 890 Kalikapur Road, Kolkata 700099

[Entry on Invitation Only]

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Artist of the 2011 Grammy winning recording
SHRI STEVE GORN  will play Bamboo Flute

with tabla support of young and brilliant Shri Chiranjit Mukherjee

Steve Gorn

Steve Gorn, whose flute is featured on the 2011 Grammy winning recording, “Miho – Journey to the Mountain, “with Dhruba Ghosh, and The Paul Winter Consort, and the Academy Award winning Documentary film,  Born into Brothels, has performed Indian Classical Music and new American Music on the bansuri bamboo flute in concerts and festivals throughout the world. His gurus are the late bansuri master  Sri Gour Goswami, of Kolkata,  Deba Prasad Banerjee , and Pt. Raghunath Seth of Mumbai. He has also studied with the late Ustad Z. M. Dagar.  During the past decade Steve has often performed in India, appearing at Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal, Triveni Hall in New Delhi, The Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata, NCPA, and The Nehru Center in Mumbai, and numerous other venues. His performance with Pandit Ravi Shankar’s disciple, Barun Kumar Pal, at Kolkata’s Rama Krishna Mission, was televised throughout India.

His numerous recordings include Luminous Ragas, the landmark Indian-Jazz fusion recording, Asian Journal, Rasika, with tabla by Samir Chatterjee, and Illuminations, with the Nepali flutist, Manose. www.SteveGorn.com 

"Steve Gorn has adapted Indian Classical Music on the bansuri so nicely that one should feel proud of him."  :Hari Prasad Chourasia 

“Your music re-aligned my cells……….. you bring the healing breathe of the sacred to our  demanding contemporary lives” : Jude Asphar, director of Resurgence.org

"......an astonishing treatment of raga....Gorn went beyond the notes to reach a place where his instrument  was more effective than the human voice." : Anand Bazar, Calcutta

"An extraordinary flute recital by Steve Gorn from the USA" : The Pioneer,   Mumbai

Chiranjit Mukherjee

Chiranjit Mukherjee - The new gem in the crown of the Indian Classical Music. Chiranjit was born in a family full of music admirers in the year 1984 . Highly motivated by the family members ,he has indulged himself in the process of learning Tabla at the very tender age of six. The initial guidance from Mr. Sailesh Kumar Chakraborty helped the bud of a musician’s heart to blossom like a flower. The love and passion for music, followed by the sense of belongingness with the tradition made him take the decision to be a musician by heart and soul.

The thirst for the knowledge about instruments and percussion forced him to search the roots and the branches. His sincerity was proved when he was bestowed with the honor, First class First status in Graduation and Post Graduation from the prestigious Rabindra Bharati University in his field of specialization which is Instruments and Percussion, Presently a disciple of the living legend Pt. Kumar Bose, Chiranjit represents the Benaras Gharana which is considered to be a genre full of soulful paradox itself , as the Tabla players can deliver a powerful, robust performance with the touch of a delicate sensibility. He has spread the magic of rhythm through the sharp strokes of his fingers in India and abroad.

Blessed by the gurus and admired by the listeners Chiranjit received creditable applauses every time he performed. He is considered as one of the most skilled Tabla Player of Benaras Gharana and this consideration fostered the pace of his achievements. Chiranjit adopted the philosophy of the founders of the genre. His significant practice reflects through his performances. He has won the heart of the music lovers with his solo performances and accompaniment and also inscribed his impression in the heart of famous artists of Indian and World music.

 Scholarships and Achievements

 1.Received “Niradbaran Smriti Purashkar” from Rabindra Bharati University for securing highest marks in B.A examination (2005) in instrumental music(percussion).

 2. Received “Pratibha Devi Chaudhurani merit scholarship” from ‘West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts’.

 3. Received “Niradbaran Smriti Purashkar” again from Rabindra Bharati University for securing highest marks in M.A. examination(2007)in instrumental music(percussion).

 Performances in abroad

1. Performed at LONDON ART IN ACTION Festival in the year of 2008

2. Played Tabla solo in SIFAS MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011,Singapore

3. Woodford folk festival(Australia)2011


1. Played IIC, HABITAT CENTRE (New Delhi)

2. Laya project concert(Chennai)