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Tagore's Monsoon : A Report

Although we at times talk that good music does not mean a big show-off, big auditorium or large audience, good music can happen anywhere, anytime but, possibly don’t believe it in the true sense of it. This proved to be true in an Aitijjhya concert on the 24 June 2012 evening when all tried to remember Gurudev Rabindranath. All present tried to picturise monsoon through Tagore's thoughts. Aitijjhya organized a concert in a not-too-large living room, pinned the organization’s banner somewhere in the window-curtains. It was a small baithak [musical sitting] on 24 June, 2012. It happenned in a crowded room on a Sunday evening. They arranged sound amplification attaching a TASCAM US-144 audio  interface with a computer, a pair of microphones and a pair of M-Audio speakers. The sound was enjoyable and details were clear.

They used a mini sized ZOOM Q3 HD video-cam. All these gadgets around appeared clumsy in a small space and was a kind of disturbance for the musicians... too many camera shutters never help a musician to sing well and a video camera running near one’s nose...! But things were little different here at the Aitijjhya concert. The persons running the computers busy with audio recording, or the person running the little Zoom video or the photographers doing both the still photography and helping in the microphone placements were all good musicians. So the result was, the photographer shouting ‘Sadhu – Sadhu!’ [expression of appreciations] after the songs and taking a snap at the same time. Same for the sound engineer on the lap-top taking care of the recording levels and shouting out ‘kyAbAt!’ on every touching embellishment!  So the musicians after a few minutes started feeling comfortable and started  liking the ambiance. The space was a bit gadget-crowded but full of musical responses too. Soon there were no sense of the barrier... music started gushing out naturally and the audiences also joined the singers in chorus!

That Aitijjhya evening started with a poem recitation by a 13 year old Aritra Sarkar. He presented Tagore’s ‘sukh-dukkho’. The audience enjoyed little Aritra’s performance. After him came Sinjini Chakraborty. Sinjini recited Rabindranath’s   ‘Rath-Yatra’. It was amazing! She enthralled the audience with her expressive presentation.

The third item was Sutapa Chakraborty’s “Aj zraboner purnImAte “ and “gahan rAter zrabon dhArA” and the audience enjoyed.

Amit Sarkar read the 'bAsA badol' from ‘zeSer kobitA’. He was just awesome! The audiences were very impressed. 

After this came the long awaited ‘nabIn megher sure’. The musical item was conceptualized by Sathi Dutta and Sonali Goswami. This was based on Tagore's monsoon songs. Sathi Dutta, Sonali Goswami, Mousumi Samaddar, Sharmila Roy, Anjana Ganguli, and Shibir Das  were the singers and, Nantu Ganguli and Bablu Khanra provided  percussion support [tabla, manjira, kartal, etc.].  

Shibir Das opened the musical item and read out the concept note. The item proceeded with chorus, solo and duet songs. The whole presentation was awesome. We especially remember the ending duet by Sathi Dutta and Mousumi Samaddar, or Shibir Das singing ‘chhAyA ghanAichhe bone bone” in his sonorous voice or Mousumi’s “AjI jhaRer rAte” or Sathi’s “AmAr din phurAlo”, or the chorus “nIl anjan ghana punjachhAyAy”.

The concert started with the ‘Welcome Address’ by the President Dr. Mridul Bose and at the end Sonali  Goswami read a thank-note' for Aitijjhya on behalf of the performers’. Finally, Rakhi Banerjee, Secretary, Kolkata-Aitijjhya, gave the Vote of Thanks .

Here are some video clips from the concert.. At random order... Enjoy!

Rabindranath Thakur's 'Ratha-Yatra' by Sinjini Chakraborty

Aaj Nabeen Megher Sur Legechhe : Aitijjhya June 2012

Basa Badol from Shesher Kobita [Read by Amit Sarkar]

Shesh Gaaner-e Resh Niye Jaao Chole by Sathi Dutta & Mousumi Samaddar

Kadamberi Kanan Gheri by Shibir Das

Aaji Jharer Raate by Mousumi Samaddar

Aaji Jhara Jhara Mukhra Badar Dine : Aitijjhya Baithak