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Concert Report: Sparkling recital by Dr. Asit Kumar De

Sparkling recital by Dr. Asit Kumar De at the 2012 winter Aitijjhya Concert

Aitijjhya presented two erudite scientists Professor Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya [Mathematician] and Professor Asit Kumar De [Physicist]. It was full house but the audiences were uncertain about what to expect.

Dilipbabu started the concert with his tabla solo. His first item was based on Trital of 16 beats. He demonstrated the different opening styles in Lucknow, Farukhabad and Banaras and showed Peshkar, Uthan and Farad. Later he displayed challenges in different critical speeds. He ended with a brief piece in Pancham Sawari. Debashis Adhikari aptly supported him on the harmonium. It was a enjoyable performance.

The next item was a Hindusthani vocal recital. Professor Asit Kumar De started with some free style movements on Shree followed by Lalita-Gauri. He said that he wants to warm up a little. Audiences became immediately alert with his tuneful start note and with the carefully tuned tanpuras. After warming up for a few minutes he started Marwa and sang a vilambit [slow] Jhumra and a madhyalaya [middle tempo] Trital composition. The madhyalaya composition was very interesting, a composition by 'Manrang' of Gwalior gharana. The audiences were drowned in musical pleasure with his gradual and delicate unfolding of Marwa. The interplay of svara-prayog and laya designs were highly commendable. After Marwa he sang raga Abhogi. After this the audiences requested Dr. De to sing some piece in Carnatic style. All knew that he had methodical training in Carnatic music too. He agreed despite he did not have matching supporting musicians. He started the famous composition ‘Krishna Nee Begane Baaro’. This was a composition in Yamunaa Kalyaani by Vyasatirtha set to Mishra Chapu taalam. The audience was literally enthralled with this piece. After this he ended his concert with a Bengali Kirtan.

Dilip Mukherjee gave the music a soulful tabla support and Hindol Chakraborty provided efficient harmonium support.

What a wonderful performance! All present in the concert were transported to a world of heavenly pleasure!!

Here are some audio and video clips.. Enjoy!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Audio Recordings

Click for Marwa by Dr. Asit Kumar De [Full length]

Click for Abhogi by Dr. Asit De [Full length]
Click for Yamuna Kalyani by Dr. Asit De [Full length]