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Dipankar Mukherjee

Dipankar Mukherjee is an Indian Classical flautist. He was fortunate to born in a family where music has been running as a tradition for many years. His father Bhupati Nath Mukherjee was a vocalist with great respect for traditional musical values. He was Dipankar’s first treasured guru who initiated him to understand the values of music. Before he took to `Bansuri’ he had taken 12 years of intensive training of Khyal and Dhrupad under the guidance of his affectionate father.  Later his father took him to Pandit Subodh Ranjan Dey, a veteran Dhrupad singer of national repute. Dipankar learnt with Pandit Dey for about six years. Meanwhile he started playing the Bansuri on his own. Later he went to Shri Nikhilesh Roy where he received lessons on the general techniques of Bansuri playing. Eventually Dipankar became conversant enough in flute playing to translate his musical thoughts on the instrument. He started getting appreciations from the music connoisseurs. His elder brother Shri Bhaskar Mukherjee, a pakhawaj virtuoso and tabla player with excellent understanding in vocal music, is continuously giving extensive `talim‘ and full support to help Dipankar to learn and understand the art form. Dipankar also plays harmonium with natural ease.

After completing graduation in Mechanical Engineering, Dipankar joined the post graduate course in instrumental music at the Rabindra Bharati University. There he met the sitar maestro Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhayay.  Professor Bandopadhyay eventually became his `Guruji’. Through elaborate musical and thought exchanges with this new teacher Dipankar’s musical perception got enriched to new heights. Professor Bandopadhayay not only taught him the music but also the philosophy that works behind rich music making. Under his tutelage Dipankar’s understanding for music creation received new depth and expanse. Professor Bandopadhyay is providing him all-round support in continuing his humble musical efforts. Dipankar wishes to vibrate in unison with the Mother-Nature and create musical expressions through Hindusthani music.