Calibrate your eMagin 3DVisor 

VisorCtl is a color/brightness calibration utility for the eMagin Z800 Visor. It allows the user to read the individual eye settings from the visor, and adjust individual settings.
It can be used to correct color settings for each eye and by changing the values for all colors, the brightness of each eye can be adjusted.
It is written in C# and will check for the presence of the .NET framework 2.0 during the install.


This utility can really mess with the low level settings of your visor. The standard utility from eMagin allows to reset eeprom values. These settings do not cover the display calibration settings.
I found this out the hard way.


Download the utility.
Extract the zip file.
Run setup.exe.
Follow the instructions.

Using the Color Calibration Tool

Run the application.
Press the "Initialize from Visor" button to refresh all dialog items from the visor's current settings.
Changing a value has an immediate effect.
The "Reset" button sets the visor back to the values from the last initialization.

Important Note

Once the visor settings are changed, they remain stored permanently in the visor's EEPROM. Not even an EEPROM reset will overwrite them. You only need to run the calibration utility once, and then go back to running the eMagin Utility if you need mouse emulation.

Gain & Offset Values

All values range from 0 to 255.
The values for gain are typically set around 128.
The values for offset were set around 42 for my visor.
Your mileage may vary.