Virtual Desktop Application for your eMagin 3DVisor

A virtual desktop application to be used with the 3DVisor Z800 from emagin.

What it does

SurroundSight provides a seamless windows desktop surrounding the user with 14400x4800 pixels of screen space.
Once enabled, the motion of the head directly shifts the desktop accordingly. It does not use the mouse emulation, but rather reads the head tracker data directly.


This software is so early stage, there isn't even a greek letter for it!
Use of this software should not be allowed by any law or common sense.
Neither should life, but you didn't get asked.
If you found this, you know the risks. I guarantee that there is no virus, spyware, or any other such thing included.

How to Install it

Download the .zip file. Extract it. Make a shortcut to ssight.exe. Put the shortcut in your start menu or desktop.

How to Run it

Disable the default 3DVisor software utility.
Look in the Task Manager's process list to make sure there is no "3DVisor.exe" running. If it is there, kill it. Easy.

Prepare your desktop.
The experience will be better, if you do not have a desktop wallpaper. Use a simple color (black for true immersiveness). Use the taskbar "Auto hide" option to reduce it to a small line at the bottom of your screen.

Start SurroundSight.
Click the generic icon in the Start Menu, and marvel at the beautiful UI of the application.

Press the Start button and hold your head still until you see the yaw numbers at the bottom. Anything that isn't zero indicates that the head tracking is working. If the number remains zero, see above.

Start the virtual desktop
If you see changing numbers, everything is fine.
The open windows on your desktop should now be moving as your head moves. Don't worry, the SurroundSight window will remain in the same position on the screen. So will the Taskbar.
Press Stop to, well, stop it. Any windows, that are open and not on your desktop, will require some work to get back (see below), so pick your spot carefully before stopping.

Dragging windows
Click and hold the titlebar of a window, move your head, release the titlebar. Easy.

Freeze the current view
Once you have your windows spread out around you, youi'll notice that typing is very hard, while you look over your right shoulder. Hit Ctrl-Enter (at the same time) to freeze/unfreeze the desktop.

Restoring Windows.
If you stopped, and some windows are open, but not visible, right click in the taskbar on the window. Select Move, move your mouse a little, press an arrow key, move your mouse a little, and the window should be following your mouse. Click to stop moving it.

Bigger Really is Better

There is a shareware application called Full Screen, which allows you, among other things, to increase the size of a window beyond the limits of the screen size. Use it (it comes with a 30 day free trial), until this feature is incorporated in SurroundSight. When you try to resize a window, hold your head still, otherwise it willnot resize, but move.
Freeze (see above) the view with only one corner of the window on the screen, then drag the corner.

To Do

Well, you tell me. Have at it. Give it a go. Anything short of teleportation should be built in.
Suggestions are welcome.
Improvements are most welcome.
I finally found out, how FullScreen enables the arbitrary resizing of windows, but it's really to much work to build into SurroundSight. (Hint: it involves injecting a dll into the running applications...)
I'm in the process of testing another application, which complements the virtual desktop. It enables a game pad with two analog sticks to replace keyboard and mouse, so you can really swing around in your office chair ;-)