LiveForSpeed Plugin

Native headtracking in LiveForSpeed for your eMagin 3DVisor 

LiveForSpeed native support is now available, providing native 3DVisor head tracking support in driver view. The latest version uses the latest eMagin drivers. It doesn't require the old libraries anymore. It also provides a shortcut for re-centering the view.


You need the eMagin drivers to be installed on your system. They install with the eMagin utility. To check, look for the file named Tk3dU9U1.sys in your Windows\system32\drivers directory.


Download the zip file and extract it.

Running it

Close eMagin's mouse emulation app.
Start LFS with command line option /insim=40403 so that it opens an InSim UDP port on port number 40403.
ALT-Tab to the desktop, go to the unzipped folder, and start lfsvisor.exe. Press the START button. You should see some messages appearing and ultimately a yaw value should be shown. Your visor's head tracking is working.
Go in the game and drive.


And we're not talking cars. When your view is no longer centered, look straight ahead and hit CTRL-Enter 
to re-center your view.