Mission and Vision



The name of the society shall be “KOLAR DISTRICT NIRMITHI KENDRA” herein after called the “Kendra”.The registered office of the Kendra shall at Honnenahalli(V), Tamaka Post, Kolar Taluk, Kolar.

Objectives: -

The objectives of the Kendra are to:

  • Serve as an seminal agency to generate and propagate innovative ideas on housing.
  • A clearing house of information and data bank of housing which would bring the fruits of research from “lab “to “land”.
  • A production center to prefabricate standardized housing materials including rubble filler blocks, standardized country brunt bricks, hollow blocks, soil stabilized blocks funicular shell, precast plate floors, filler blocks, R C C frame for doors and windows fibrocement rafters, water tanks, fiber roofing sheet, tiles, smokeless chullah and allied housing material including sanitary ware and electrical fittings etc.
  • An agency to set up and run wood processing units, Ferro-cement, sanitary ware manufacturing units, tile manufacturing units for manufacture machine/tools and equipments connected with housing, design wing, construction wing, R & D wing and consultancy wing.
  • A training house to impart skills to local workmen in innovative housing techniques and create a carder of trained workers in all blocks in the district.
  • A noble agency to serve as a catalyst in the field of housing, ensuring horizontal co-ordination in implementation of housing programs.
  • A chain for retail outlets of housing materials.
  • An agency for transportation and distribution of house building materials.
  • An agency to arrange for financial assistance for housing construction.
  • To organize exhibitions, seminars, orientation programs, demonstration of housing and public useful date and literature on housing and allied activities.
  • A research and development institution and a consultant in the field of housing.

Without prejudice in generally or to the above and also for effectively carrying out these objectives the Kendra shall have the power to acquire, hold and receive property any kind including securities and negotiable instruments to conduct and maintain building including the right to alter and improve them and to equip them suitably to manage, sell, transfer to otherwise dispose of or deal with property to any kind belonging to the Kendra to enter into contracts for or in connection with any of the purpose of the Kendra and on its behalf to raise moneys and funds in such a manner as may be deemed fit for a behalf of the Kendra and, to do all such things and to perform all such acts as may be necessary of appropriate for the achievement of any or all of the above objects.

To take up construction work of any nature like fabrication, manufacture, installation, etc., conductive with other objects and generating employment opportunities, particularly for the weaker sections of the society.


In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Kendra the control, administration and management of the affairs of the Kendra shall vest in a Governing Body of which the members shall be:-

  1. Deputy Commissioner, Kolar District- Chairman
  2. Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Panchayat, Kolar- Executive Chairman
  3. Deputy Secretary Zilla Panchayat Kolar- Member
  4. Director, KARNIK Bangalore- Member
  5. Project Director, Kolar District Nirmithi Kendra- Member Secretary
  6. The Executive Engineer, Z.P.Engineering Division, Kolar- Member
  7. The District Social Welfare Officer, Kolar- Member
  8. DDPI Kolar- Member
  9. Commissioner City Municipality Council, Kolar- Member
  10. Executive Officer B C M Dept. Kolar- Member
  11. Director RISET, Honnenahalli, Kolar- Member
  12. Extension Officer, Taluk Panchayath, Kolar- Member
  13. A Nodal Agency
  14. A Leading Architect

Three representatives from the category of individual members to be nominated by the chairman which can be Ex-officio, Entrepreneurs and the Volunteers.

The first members of the Governing Body shall be :

  1. The Deputy Commissioner, Kolar District (Chairman)
  2. The Chief Executive Officer, Z.P, Kolar. (Executive Chairman)
  3. Project Manager Kolar District Nirmithi Kendra,(Member Secretary )
  4. Deputy Secretary Z P, Kolar (Member)
  5. Director KARNIK, Bangalore (Member)

The remaining other members who have signed the Memorandum of Association from the first members of the Governing Body.

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A Copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Kendra certified to be true copy of three members of the Governing Body shall be filed with the District Registrar, Kolar along with the Memorandum of Association.

We the several members whose signatures, occupations and address are given hereunder are desirous of being formed into an association in accordance with the provisions of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act. 1960 in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association and in testimony of this we have subscribed our respective names and signatures hereto on this day.

Governing Council Members List


Address & Occupation




Deputy Commissioner, Kolar District




Chief Executive Officer, Z P Kolar

Executive Chairman



Deputy Secretary, Z.P.Kolar




Regional Chief HUDCO, Bangalore




Director KARNIK Bangalore




Chief Planning Officer, Z.P. Kolar




Dist. Social Welfare Officer Social Welfare. Dept. Kolar




Dist. Officer Backward classes and Minorities, Kolar




Asst. Director Dept. of  Women and Child Welfare, Kolar




Executive Officer, Taluk Panchayath, Kolar




Director, RISET Honnenahally, Kolar




Project Manager District Nirmithi Kendra Kolar

Member Secretary







HQA to Deputy Commissioner,
Kolar  District

Executive Officer
Talukpanchayat, Kolar

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  • ‘Chairman’ means the chairman of the Governing Body.
  • ‘Committee’ means the executive committee of the Kendra.
  • ‘Secretary’ means the member secretary and the Chief Executive of Kendra elected by the Governing body.
  • ‘Governing Body’ means the Governing Body of the Kendra .
  • ‘Kendra’ means the Nirmithi Kendra.


The Chairman

The Deputy Commissioner Kolar District- shall be the chairman

The Secretary

There shall be a Secretary and Chief Executive of the Kendra who shall be a person of suitable shall be a person of suitable status, he shall also be the Ex-officio Treasurer



(a) to preside over the meeting of the governing Body.

(b) to exercise such rights and powers as provided by rules and regulations.

Member Secretary

(c) to issue notice to all meetings of the Governing Body and the committee.

(d) to keep the minutes of the Governing Body & committees

(e) to sign all documents and correspondence for the and on behalf of Kendra

(f) to maintain all records of the Kendra.

(g) To make all disbursement on proper vouchers and to receive all money on proper receipts for and on behalf of the Kendra.

(h) To open and operate bank accounts on behalf of Kendra.

(i) To perform all such acts and duties and exercise all byelaws of the Kendra and also those which may be delegated or assigned to him by the Governing Body and the Committee, from time to time.

(j) To assign from time to time such functions and duties and delegate such powers as he may deem necessary to any other official whom he may consider fit for proper working of the Kendra and

(k) To perform all such acts and duties and exercise all such powers in the interest of proper working and effective achievements of the objectives of the Kendra. However, ratification of the same shall be obtained in the subsequent General Body/Committee meeting as the Case may be.



i)                          Every meeting of the Governing Body shall be presided over by the Chairman and in the event of his absence the members shall elect one among themselves to preside over the meeting.

ii)                        Two-third of the members of the Governing body present in person shall constitute a quorum and any fraction being rounded off as one.

iii)                      Nor less than seven clear days notice of every meeting shall be given be each member in his address noted in the register of member of the Governing Body.

iv)                      Meetings of the Governing Body/ Executive committee shall be held at least once in three months.

v)                        The Secretary shall call the meeting in consultation with the Chairman.

vi)                      Each member including the presiding member shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the chairman or member presiding over the meeting as the case may be shall have a casting vote.

vii)                    Any business except that are specially ordered by the Governing Body to be placed before the meeting may be transacted by the resolutions by circulations among all the members and it approved by a majority of the members.

viii)                  There shall be annual meeting of the Governing Body and such other meetings as may be decided upon by the Governing Body.



a)      All properties, movable immovable or of nay kind shall vest in the Governing Body.

b)      The business and affairs of the Kendra shall be carried on and managed by the Governing Body.

c)      The Governing Body shall have all such powers and shall perform all such functions as are necessary or proper for the achievement or the furtherance of the objectives of the Kendra.

d)      Without prejudice to the generally of the foregoing provisions, the Governing Body shall have the following powers and rights

i)     to acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease or otherwise lands, buildings or other immovable properties together with all rights appearing thereto.

ii)   to construct and maintain buildings including right to alter or improve them and to equip them suitably.

iii) to manage properties of the Kendra.

iv) To raise funds for the Kendra by gifts, donations or otherwise.

v)   To borrow money as and when required to the extent it may deem fit from financial institutions or may other agencies for the implementation of the programs.

vi)To avail the grants from GOI, GOK, KFW, & other grants for the development of the Kendra.



         a)   The shall be an Executive committee of five members

         b)   The members of the Executive Committee shall be

1.      The chairman of the Governing Body Deputy Commissioner.

2.      Executive Chairman.

3.      The Executive Engineer, Z P Division, Kolar.

4.      Deputy Secretary, Z P Kolar.

5.      Project Manager Nirmithi Kendra, Kolar, Member secretary.


Subject to the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the committee shall have the following powers and duties shall perform the following functions.

i)                    to create within the budget allotment any post and to appoint from time to time such so many officers and other employees and on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit for carrying on the management and affairs of the Kendra.

ii)                  To exercise, control, and discipline over the employees of the Kendra including the power of dismissal.

iii)                To propose bye-laws for any of the matter for which they may be made for considerations and adoption by the Governing Body.

iv)                The publish and or to finance the publication or studies, those books, periodicals, reports and other literature and to sell or arrange for the sale of then as it may deem fit from time to time.

v)                  To arrange for the documentation of such materials in an allied fields, as may be needed for the Kendra and its work.

vi)                To institute and maintain library.

vii)              To purchase all such articles and materials including equipments and machinery as may be needed for the Kendra and its work.

viii)            To appoint, from time to time, such committee including if need be, persons other than members of the committee and to assign and or delegate thereto such powers, duties and functions as it may deem fit.

ix)                To maintain proper books and accounts supported by necessary vouchers.

x)                  To receive money, securities, instruments and or any other movable property for and on behalf of the Kendra.


i)                    To enter into agreement for and on behalf of the Kendra.

ii)                  To sue and defend all legal proceedings on behalf of the Kendra.

iii)                To grant receipt to sign and executive instrument and to endorse or discount cheques or other negotiable instruments.

iv)                To make, sign and executive all such documents and instruments as may be necessary or proper for carrying on the management of the property or affairs of the Kendra.

v)                  To invest the money and funds of the Kendra to very the investment, and when it may seem necessary and proper.

vi)                To prepare a annual budget for the consideration of the Kendra at the annual general meeting.

vii)              To manage, sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of any property, movable or immovable of the Kendra.

viii)            To assign from time to time such functions and duties and delegate such powers as it may deem fir to the committee or the secretary of the Kendra.

ix)                To consider and approve the income and expenditure statement of Kendra presented by the Treasurer from time and to consider and pass all vouchers of expenditure of the Kendra.

x)                  To perform all such acts and do all such things as may be necessary for the proper management of the property and affairs of the Kendra.

xi)                To select such Auditors of the Kendra.

xii)              To make byelaws in respect of the following matters.

1)      the Management of the property, funds, affairs and work.

2)      the procedure of selection of members of the committee including provisions for the transaction of business by circulation, proxy or otherwise as may be deemed fit.

3)      Powers, functions and duties of the members, Secretary and Executive Secretary and,

4)      Such other purpose as may be found necessary.

xiii)            to repeal, amend and modify the bye-laws.

xiv)            To arrange for the audit of the accounts of the Kendra annually.

xv)              To present every year to governing body an annual report on the working of the Kendra for the consideration of the Government Body and,


i)                    To perform all such acts and duties and exercise all such powers as may be delegated are assigned to it by the Governing Body.


The members of the society shall consist of individuals and ex-officio members.

The members of the society except ex-officio members shall be admitted/removed/ readmitted by the Governing Body or any such committee thereof empowered with the specific power.

Category of Member: The will be 3 categories of members having equal voting rights in the society.

                                            i.                  Individual

                                          ii.                  Institutions

                                        iii.                  Ex-Officio members

Qualifications :

Individuals: Any knowledgeable person in the field of housing  

who can  contribute towards the attainment of the objectives.

Institutions: Only registered bodies engaged in activities connected with housing.

Ex-officio Members: Representatives of the government, Semi-Government agencies nominated by the Deputy Commissioner.

Maximum number of members:

The number of members of the society shall be limited 20 in the following rating:

Individuals                           20  %

Institutions         20  %

Ex-officio members             60  %

In the case of institution members the institution shall appoint a specific person to attend each meeting of the Kendra and such appointment shall stand removed on the completion of the meeting.

The Kendra shall keep Register members giving their name, full address and occupation. Change in the address of members shall be promptly notified to the Kendra. Where a person is appointed as Ex-officio members by virtue of holding a specific post, his tenure as member expires if he ceases to hold that specific post.

A person intending to become a member of the Kendra shall make an application in writing in the prescribed form and sent it to the Secretary of the society who will place the same before the Government body or sub committee which has absolute right to accept of reject the application and decision of the body shall be final. On acceptance of the application the membership fee shall be as follows.

Individuals         Rs. 100/-

Institutions         Rs.  5000/-

Ex-officio members             Rs.  Nil


The member of the Society shall cease to be members in the following events.

1.            If the member resigns, becomes of unsound mind insolvent or is convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.

2.            If he does not attend 3 consecutive meetings of the Kendra without leave of absence from the Chairman.

Resignation or membership by a member shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary who shall place the letter before the Governing Body for acceptance and on acceptance the fact shall be communicated.

Any vacancy in the membership of the Kendra shall be filled in the normal way prescribed and members resigning shall not be entitled for the refund of membership fees.

Any proceedings of the Kendra shall not be rendered invalid on the ground that any person eligible to be member or there has been any defect in the appointment of members.

The Governing Body of the Kendra has absolute right to remove a member without assigning any reason.

All persons who signed the Memorandum of Association shall be first members of the Kendra duly admitted.


The funds of the Kendra shall consist of the following:

i.              Grants from the government.

ii.            Grants and contributions from other corporate bodies agencies, institutions, and person in India and outside.

iii.          Loans from the State Government, the Government of India and other financing institutions.

a)   Once in every year the Executive Committee shall frame budget of the estimated income and expenditure of the Kendra and place it before the Governing Body of its annual meeting for consideration and adaptation.

b)   Once in every year the accounts of the Kendra shall be audited by the auditors appointed for the purpose by the Governing Body.

c)   A statement of the accounts audited together with the observation of the auditors shall be placed before the Governing Body as far as practicable at its annual meeting and if the date of annual meetings it should be placed before the Governing Body at subsequent meeting called for, for the purpose.

d)  The Governing Body shall at some date not later than 18 months after the registration of the Kendra and subsequently one at least in every year, place before the Governing Body meeting the Balance sheet and income and expenditure account for the period. In the case of the first account the accounts shall cover the period from the date registration to the closing period and in any other cases for a period of one year from the last closure of accounts.

e)   The balance sheet, Income Tax and Expenditure accounts shall audited by auditor appointed by the Governing Body in the cast of the first balance sheet and then by an Auditor appointed by the General body meeting for the subsequent years. The balance sheet and income and expenditure statement shall be signed by at least three members of the Governing Body, and same has to be filled with Registration of societies as per section 13 of KSR Act 1690.

The Member Secretary shall prepare and present before the Executive committee of Governing Body the annual budget for consideration an approval.



Amendments to these Rules and Regulations may be made by Governing Body by a two-third majority of the member present and voting in the meeting convened for the purpose probed that the members voting in favor of the amendments constitute not less than half of the total number of the members of the Governing Body at the time and the same as to be filed with Registration of societies as per section 9 and 10 of the KSR Act 1960


The term of the Governing Body and Committee shall continue in office as long as they continue in office or they are replaced by other members elected by the Chairman subject to the approval of the Governing Body.


The Governing Body shall provide a seal and also provide for its safe custody. The seal shall not be used except with authority of the Governing Body previously given and every instrument shall be countersigned by the Secretary or some person authorized by Governing Body.


Every officer of the Kendra shall be indemnified out of the funds of the Kendra against all losses and expenses incurred in the discharge of his duties except those caused by his own neglect, useful act or default and such a person shall be answerable only for his own acts, neglect or default and not for those acts,  neglect or default of any other person.


i.        Subject to the consent of the Government of Karnataka any number not less than three-fourth members of the Kendra may determine that the Kendra shall be dissolved and thereupon it shall be dissolved forthwith or at the time agree upon and all necessary steps shall be taken for the disposal and settlement of the property of the Kendra, applicable thereto. The dissolution shall be subject to the other provisions of the Karnataka societies Registration Act. 1960.

ii.      On dissolution of the Kendra the Government of Karnataka shall be entitled to take over all the assets and liabilities of the Kendra.


Any member who acts against the interest of the Society shall be removed from the membership rolls by 2/3 majority of the members of the Governing Body.

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The Society shall be a non-profit seeking institution the rights duties and powers of the Member Secretary shall dissolve in the Member Secretary in case the post of Executive Secretary in abolished


 Whenever, a member desires to have a copy of the minutes prepared and all important and relevant report and minutes would be filed wherever it is required.


 All the transaction of accounts will be done in the Nationalised bank jointly by the Chairman and Member Secretary.

Current account and savings Bank Account would be operated separately.


1.      Office Hours from 10.00 A M to 6.00 P M Interval from 1.30 to 2.15 P M

2.      Official year shall be from April to March.


In all circumstances, this Kendra will be functioning in accordance with the provisions with the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 and shall the provisions of the said Act will be applicable to the Kendra.

We, the undersigned members of the Governing Body of the Kendra hereby certify that the above is a correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the said Kendra.