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Based in South Manchester the school of Black Tiger Karate teaches the style Ashihara Karate.

Ashihara Karate is one of many "full-contact" systems in karate, emphasizing realistic combat, physical toughness, and practicality in its training curriculum

Ashihara karate was developed by Hideyuki Ashihara in 1980 in his desire to teach a more rational, 'real fight' type of karate. Imagine a fight where two subjects charge forward and crash into each other, the bigger person will usually win by sheer physics. Ashihara karate teaches how to push, pull and turn to avoid the size, strength or speed of the opponent. It has been called the most practical karate in Japan..

Ashihara Karate is  known as one of the strongest form of karate, with a strong desire in evolution and open minded approach.

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"True victory is victory over oneself!"

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