Raising funds for Kofi Richard Avi to attend University!

This is a tremendous achievement that will provide many opportunities for him to develop his  formidable musical abilities to better serve his community.  

But he doesn't have the funds he needs to pay tuition and living expenses.  Besides having lost his father, the chief of Dzogadze, Torgbi, who supported him initially (see letter below) sadly passed away in September 2016.

Tuition alone will be 
1400  GHS per year (about $500 Canadian), not including accommodation, food and utilities, and learning materials; the total annual cost is likely around $1500.

Thank you for supporting Kofi.

Sincerely, Michael Frishkopf

ps - Please browse this site - the YouTube videos of his school group are wonderful (they are by far the most widely viewed videos I've uploaded!).

This site was originally established in 2010 to help raise school funds for Kofi Richard Avi to attend high school:

Kofi is an extremely talented youth, and lead drummer of the Dzogadze troupe, in the town of Dzogadze, Volta Region, Ghana.
His  father has passed away, and as a result his family is unable to provide fees for him to attend school.  

Thanks to your generosity he completed his high school education and has been admitted to study music at the University of Winneba.
We need to fundraise in order to support Kofi's university studies. 

Thank you for your support!


letter from Torgbi Abla, chief of Dzogadze:

Oct 12, 2010

Hi Michael,
         We missed you so much in Dagbamete.
         I was waiting for the admission letter from Kofi's school of choice that is why this letter has delayed.
Kofi Richard Avi is twenty-one years old.He has two sisters and a brother and is a native of Dzogadze- Ghana. His father,Bosofor Avi, died about five years ago in 2006.His mother,Tukui Akpaliga, is a subsistence farmer who barely live from the hand to the mouth. Kofi is a master drummer since the age of ten. He took part in the children's art and culture festival [kinderfest] in 2003 in The National Theater, Accra, Ghana and had a certificate on that but unfortunately the certificate could not be found after his father died as he gave it to him to keep for him . He can play almost all the drums of the various dances;Atsiagbekor, Adzogbo, Gahu, Fumefume, Agbadza, Kinka, Kete, Gadzo, Brekete, Bawa, Damba-Takai etc. He is the one who plays the master drum when ever students travel from Canada to visit Dzogadze to witness dance performances.
       Kofi completed his JHS education in 2009 but because he has no one to sponsor him to continue his education, he is still in the house even though he was offered admission. This academic year too,  he was offered another admission to further his education in the Awudome Senior High School in the Ho Municipality,Volta Region. I am, therefore, appealing  to you  and  all other philanthropists  to  help  this poor boy  have  education. It bites at my bile when ever I see him in the house idling .When he is educated he will become an asset to the village.  The poverty line in the village  could  not  allow anyone to help. I could not help too since my responsibilities are numerous and my resources are limited.
          I have attached  Kofi's pictures when he was playing Atsiagbekor and Fumefume in  a school competition. I have also attached  his JHS certificate, admission letter,bills for the first term and the kit list that he is supposed to buy before reporting to school.I have also attached the photograph of the school he was admitted to. The subsequent terms' fees will not be as much as this one since this one involves the purchase of a whole lot of materials which are needed for the success of his education. I promise to forward his termly bills and receipts of payments made in respect of his school fees.  This terms' fees  is 525.85 GH cedis and the total price of the items he is supposed to buy to school is 431.00 GH cedis.
        Thank you.