Our Council

For over 60 years, Lincoln Council 4005 has been a premier charitable organization in the Town of Lincoln. We are committed with our service programs for our town’s Church activities, community activities, council activities, family activities, and youth activities. The very first "Jaws of Life" to be on a rescue here in the town was donated to the Lonsdale Fire Department by the Lincoln Knights of Columbus. More recently we donated the cost of an Automatic Defibrillator. Our youth programs are second to none. For thirty years, the Instructional Baseball Program in the Town of Lincoln (T-Ball) has been funded and supported by the Lincoln K of C. That program is now under the wing of the Lincoln Little League and recently we teamed up in a community effort to build a ball field on our property.

Whether it is baseball, basketball, the Lincoln Youth Hockey Association, the Lincoln Youth Soccer Association or any other youth activity, Lincoln Council has always supported them.

Our Annual Kandi Drive Campaign raises thousands of dollars annually to assist citizens with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
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